Discount on MP domains & sorting-low to high

Hi @grant

I’ve been observing that SH sorts domains according to its LIST PRICE, when sorted for low to high or vice-versa. It should be sorted according to the DISCOUNTED PRICE as it will make more logical sense and offer higher visibility for our discounted domains. I wanted to confirm this e-commerce trend on Amazon and found that indeed they sort by discount prices when selected ‘low to high’. So, if customers sort from low to high, it’s just gonna be beneficial for customers to find a better price early in the list and justify our discounted offerings. Please look into this.


I agree, I had never noticed discounts weren’t taken into account when sorting by price. Seems odd, imo.


Waiting for your reply as you replied to all topics yesterday & missed this out.

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Thanks for the feedback. This is currently by design, since we do not want to risk diluting the “premium” aspect by showing all discounted domains on top.

However we continue to test such options, and will make changes if we believe those tests are resulting in better conversion rates / sales.

Wonder how the present settings allow several domains starting from $750 when sorted from ‘low to high’ and that it’s serving the purpose of ‘premium’ aspect. If my domains were to be included, it’ll start only at $1200+

Anyway, whatever you decide.

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I agree with you, Nick. I don’t quite see the point of sorting without it actually sorting!