Discontinuing Owned Domains

As announced previously, the Owned Domains feature will be discontinued in the next few days. If you would like to continue submitting these names into Squadhelp contests, you must add them as a Basic (or Basic Plus) listing. You will also need to point the Name Servers to Squadhelp.

There is a bulk upload option for Basic listings. However, if you have a large number of Owned Domains, and the bulk upload feature is not working for you, please contact us via the Blue Button, and we may be able to help you make a one-time bulk transfer.

Grant, I am writing to ask SH to delay this longer. This is a lot more than just uploading names. We have repoint servers, etc… it’s a lot of work. And I’m sure lots of people have their owned domains in pending contests right now. I don’t know why there is a rush to do this, but please stall!

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Why do I need to point the servers to SH just to submit them into contests? Thats not cool! Wasn’t contest participation while protecting our IP the exact reason “my owned domains” was created? Now the only way to protect our IP is to point the servers to SH and give you a cut of our profit. That’s not exactly protecting our IP.

“My owned domains” should not be phased out! It should remain an option to protect our IP within contests. Just keep it out of our portfolio and excluded from SH domain searches.


Please keep my owned domains feature. :sob:


@Commulinks We will likely not disable this feature for another 7 days, so please ensure that any updates are done within that time frame.

Also this does not effect any pending contests where you have already submitted your Owned Domains. Even if you decide not to move them over to Basic or Basic Plus listing, your entry will continue to stay in those contests.

@Chasity2ku Squadhelp does not take any “cut of your profit” if you submit your basic listing to a contest and it wins. In that scenario, you are agreeing to transfer the domain to the contest holder in lieu of contest award (SH does not collect any additional payment from CH in that scenario) .

We’ve had few situations where domains submitted via My Owned domains feature were no longer available or not owned by creatives. This leads to a very reactive and unpleasant situation and we will no longer allow already registered names to be submitted to contests unless the name servers point to SH name servers. You can still list them for sale in external marketplaces but the name servers must remain pointed to SH servers.

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Okay, I must’ve misunderstood the rules on commision. However, the other place I have a listing requires I point the servers to them. This means I can’t submit it in contests AND have it listed there. Right?

Phew! Thank you, Grant!!! I’m workin’ on it!!!