Different Contests/Types

So I have noticed a few different contests recently and had a few questions for admin or other creative’s who dabble,
The first type are Landing Pages, which I would assume is a job for our logoist, or is this something that those of us don’t have the logo software can do and How?
The second type are “copy” could you explain this in layman’s terms and what format do/should you use.
I also noticed not many enter either type so an explanation may help boost the number of options a CH gets… Thanks for your Time

HI, Seezall.
The landing pages are for people who know how to set up web pages. You have to have some familiarity of web language in order to properly set the pages, so this is not universally available.
The same for copy on a brochure or program ---- vector illustrations are different than regular clipart, they require the Photoshop or Illustrator type software. Each item that is created using vectors can grow without losing clarity. It wouldn’t matter if you had a 1’x1’ photo or a streetside billboard, the illustration would stay the same. You cannot do that with clipart, it loses clarity as it changes size.
I hope this helps …


Like your speaking another language)))) so I pretty much get there not for me, thanks for answering and props to all those that do understand

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Don’t feel bad, I don’t have illustrator any longer unfortunately, so I can’t even do logos let alone brochures or anything. I can code and know html/css but not well enough to do an entire landing page from scratch. In all honesty, these things are a lot more time and work intensive (unlike names). To me, at least, these are things that don’t seem like the risk would be worth the reward on doing such things. But, this is just my opinion and props to those that can devote that kind of time and energy into such for a gamble on being chosen. Since there isn’t many that seem to do this, it might very well payoff more than the name gaming does for most of us, but I guess it is just personal preference or more ways to increase your chances. So definite kudos to all that do these, and seez if you wanted to do either of these – in my opinion the landing page would be the easier one to learn and there are plenty of tutorials out there, if you are interested. I taught myself html and css and if I can do it, I am very confident someone as creative as you could learn it and probably get good at it, even.

I’m smiling over here, @rareworthy. I am self-taught on the illustration stuff, just don’t have access to it at the moment. But the web stuff boggles my mind! Completely opposite!

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I wonder… could I use Adobe Muse for the web landing pages?

Also, I saw my first contest for a landing page. (I’ve only been on here for about a week.) When I first read it, I assumed this person was simply asking for the copy (words) until I clicked “Submit Entries” out of curiosity. Only then did I see that you’re supposed to upload images. I was confused by this. As I recall, this CH didn’t say anything about the way the landing page should look. Only what it should say.

Question: if you win one of these landing page contests… what exactly are you expected to provide the CH? The coded html or css file/folder? They’re not expecting to you to actually upload it to their host are they??