Did something change with our "bell"?


Ok thanks. .imma check out the bell. I’ve not noticed anything different. …but I honestly very seldom click on the bell.

…Ugh I rung my bell :wink: and scrolled down and all I see are orange faces :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:…!0!


Is there anyway to turn off the notifications?


I asked about that. It’s still in Beta test right now, so maybe this ability can be added, but for now we are stuck with it.


There is a way to turn off notifications but it will only turn them off from email and/or browser. The way to do it is click your bell then:

Click the cog (Settings) button


Disable push notifications or email notifications. Push notifications are the ones that pop up as little notifications. Email notifications are the ones that go to your email. So far this is the only way to disable notifications, but your notifications will still show up under the bell and things will also still be shown in your activity feed. Hope this helps.


I’m not liking the new bell. Mine still says zero activity even though I’ve gotten notification emails about various things. Is anything ever gonna show up in this bell pop up??? I want the old bell back :confused:


I have disabled push notifications, but that doesn’t stop this new feature from popping up, I blue-buttoned and asked.


Since the change with the bell .I get zero notifications except an occasional email where a client posted a comment.I’ve not changed any settings at all.Although pushcrew is enabled.
Actually now I am receiving notifications.


We have added a beta feature to offer more real time update to our creative community. We will continue to test this feature, and we will make some updates shortly.


I’m starting to really like it because it is very positive and it gives me a boost every time! I would still like to have a one-click button for the old activity feed, though, when I want to see all of my ratings at once. (Separate from the bell).


This. :slight_smile: I enjoy the little pop ups but I miss my one click feed. Also it’s cute to see when people like your winning names. Little claps for you!!


I am enjoying the new feature. I think it would be great to add (and you may already be doing this) public messages and updates to contests we are participating in as well.


I have a great suggestion for the new pop up feature for bell notifications. Instead of it popping up at the bottom of the screen where the( blue button)blocks closing the box.How about making the pop up vertical to left side of screen?


Mine must show up differently, mine is vertical from top of the window to the bottom on the right side and the blue button is at the bottom of it but the ‘X’ and settings for the bell list are at the top and therefore not in the way.


Hey I agree .Alot of different devices being utilized so my suggestion may only work for me :heart_eyes:…thanks for sharing your set up and glad it’s not hendering your display. Happy Tuesday my friend:)


@Grant, I know you guys are still working on “the bell” so I wanted to tell you a couple of things I have noticed. I won a contest, but I did not get a bell notification (it is in my activity feed). I sold a name in the marketplace and the bell for it said two things: your name sold and in the body of the message it said your name is now live in the marketplace.


(nothing to do with helping you- but congratulations on both!!! :smiley::wink::hugs:)


My bell still says zero notifications.


@Commulinks - I will report this to the team.


I approve of the new notification… “You’re on a roll” :confetti_ball:
Way too cute!!


I really like that, too. The positives really matter!