Did something change with our "bell"?


I went to click on my “bell” to see my activity feed and it keeps saying “no new notifications”? Has something changed?


Looks like it. Guess we now have to click up at the top for the drop down menu and then click ‘my activity feed’ or even longer sequence click the drop down, click ‘my account’, and click ‘my activity feed’ on the side bar. I don’t know if that thing that now pops up will be where they will be listed from now on or not because mine is empty as well. Hm … not sure what to think of this.


Thanks @rareworthy I don’t like it. I like my one click-n-done approach.


I thought it was just me. My bell doesn’t work at all. It doesn’t even give a “no new notifications” message.


Me no likey…
The one and done was easy… I was like hmm… where is my activity feed.


I bluebuttoned it just now in case nobody else did.


I didn’t “Blue” button my “Blue” bell…


Another issue- The pop up notification “x” (close screen button), is covered by my blue button. Halp.


It is working now… but it is VERY different.


My initial feelings about the new notifications… I am kind of glad the orange faces are gone. But I would like it if the notifications highlighted brightly when there is a love and a shortlist. Notification streams get very packed so it really helps (and makes me really happy to be honest) when I would see the bright green smiley face. Also, I do not like that I have to click on the notification to make the numbers go away. It is now a two-step process and I don’t like that.


:disappointed: Never had the blue bell.Did not know about its existence until today! Is It blue? Mine is grey except on recent winner’s page.


How do we find out what our ratings are? Mine aren’t showing up at all. The only way I can find out is to go into the contest :frowning:


Click on your name in the upper right and there is a dropdown. Choose my activity feed. You can also go to your account, and on the left side there’s a link.


thanks @ Commulinks… so the bell and the grey envelope are redundant at this point… I am sure this is a work in progress :slight_smile:


This update doesn’r ring a bell… :wink:


The bell on mine shows notifications of Public Comment from CH on contests I participated in.


Yeah, the bell is now notifications instead of activity feed. It is a collection of notifications including contest ratings but also notifications of messages, alerts when your marketplace names are accepted or they go live, etc. The activity feed still exists, but you have to the long way to get it. (Click on your name, then My Activity Feed)


Well my bell has done nothing. Just stays gray now and says no notifications. Zero, nada, zilch.

**update. I just got a notification.


Can you explain this part of your post" I am kind of glad the orange faces are gone"? I’m confused or missed something somewhere❔Thanks!


Oh yes… Before, when you clicked on the bell, it was your activity feed with your ratings. Now, the bell is notifications instead. So there are no notifications for ratings below like (no orange faces, etc) plus there are a lot of other notifications mixed in. You can still go to your activity feed as before, but I didn’t realize right away that the bell changed from the activity feed to notifications until after I posted that.