Did I miss something?

I’ve apparently been MIA for too long in baby land. I came back and everything is different. Do we now have to use points to enter a contest? I couldn’t find a discussion for this already. Fill me in please? What’s changed in the past 2-3 months?

(Side note: I’m really momming hard and love spending time with my little boy!)

Welcome back @VelocityGirl! When a contest first comes out, for the first hour or two (not sure about the exact time frame) it is sort of reserved for High Ranking Creatives for that time period. I think you need a percentage rate of 80% and up inorder to qualify to be able to participate in Early Entry. Otherwise it will cost you 25 points, if you want to be able to get a jump up on the competition. (so to speak) The percentage rate I’m referring to is the CH score found on our Profile Page. Not the Contest Win rate, but the percentage rate based on CH scores pertaining to our entries. That’s the gist of it anyhoo. Again not positive about exact details regarding time frame and prate needed to gain early entry without needing to use points.

Perhaps someone else will jump in and share the details. Once again, welcome back!

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Big Congratulations on your little Boy :baby_bottle: :baby_bottle: :baby_bottle:


Oh apparently my rating tanked while I was away. It used to be mid 80s. I’ve never had to use points before. That makes sense!

Thanks! I’m super excited and really glad for the extra contest wins this past year to help pay for our adoption!


Congrats on your new baby boy too. Missed the side note, first time around. :sunglasses:

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