Did I get demoted?

EDIT…(it seems to be working now, not sure what the bug was)

Original Post…
So came on the site today, on one of the contests, seen one of the other namers had a question for the CH in the comments/messages section. A question I had an answer to and was going to share, but then seen there was no message box available. Looked as some of my other active contests and same thing. I tried to hit the send message button and got a message saying I am not authorized. Did I do something wrong. I do not believe I violated any rules or ever said anything negative.

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Are you sure you are logged into your account? There hasn’t been any change in your account permission and the messaging seems to be working correctly. For quicker resolution, you might want to contact the support team with the specifics of who you are trying to send a message to, so they can look into the account and help you troubleshoot the issue.

It has just started working, Yes I was all logged in, I tried a bunch of different things and nothing changed. Then just a few minutes ago I checked again and it is back up and working.


I’m having the same problem.


Please try to logout and login, or try to use a different browser to see if the problem goes away. If it still happens, please contact the support team so they can look into what is happening.

Well, I used a registry cleaner to wipe out history, cache et al. And that seem to do the job.