Design favicons as well, not just logos

What is a favicon?

You need a favicon if you have your own website. For example WordPress displays the “W” WordPress logo by default as a favicon, which is not that professional, but you can easily replace it with the built-in WordPress customizer by uploading your own favicon.

You can’t use the logo as the favicon, because the favicon is just a tiny image. A separate favicon image is required so that the favicon will look good.

My suggestion: design not just logos, but favicons as well for the domains. Everybody needs a favicon besides the logo, who has a website.

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I honestly don’t think there is a need for this. With the file types that are included with a logo, the customer/client has easy availability to adjust size for use for anything. Not to mention, but do you know how many of the customers that buy a name from sh actually want or even in the ultimate end will use the logo made/included. I don’t know, I’m sure you don’t… However, there is something I am almost positive of, that bring less use it than do or even less use it than ask for a recreation or even launch a contest for such (and at that point, if it’s such a big deal, they can request it).

There also is something to be said about the fact that favicons are so small that it boils down to ‘pixel art’ in many cases. You can’t use a traditional image as a favicon because it’s not going to be seen well. Many end-users just decide to pull open a simple paint program and use a simple PNG of a letter just because of the amount of hassle involved. But for a lot of the logos that are attached to names have icon images within the logo itself. A simple program could cut these out and then simple resizing and boom it’s done.

Not everyone is worried about it, though. Not everyone is even interested in the logos created. They’re more worried about the name and domain name. If they’re worried about a full branding, there’s more chance than not that they are already going to be in conversation with SH as it is and SH can easily handle the conversation to determine the best course of action. It can then be handled from there. I think, otherwise, this is attaching more work where there’s a high chance the work is needless to begin with. If it’s something that is wanted, there are options without tacking this onto an essential to the hundreds or thousands of names that are approved a day/week. You’re just creating more work. Leave it up to the customer with how they wish to proceed and what they will need.

Yes this is what I’m saying. You can’t use the logo as the favicon, so there is a need to create a separate favicon image.

For example the full logo of Google is the full text of “Google”. But their favicon is just the “G” letter. You need image editing skills to create the favicon, you can’t just crop the logo.