Descriptions for MarketPlace Names


Hello Squad. I am struggling a bit with how much detail to enter into the descriptions when we are submitting our names to be put into the marketplace. And, also how much that is a part of our name being accepted into the marketplace. I have read some of the descriptions that have already been submitted and they seem simple. I would love to hear any ideas or advice people might have on this topic (if you are up for sharing) Thanks, and Happy Naming.


Please be as detailed as possible, because that’s what can convince the buyer.
Although I don’t like the platform unless SH can make close for other creative and allow only the buyer to see it


it would seem there must be people doing very detailed descriptions as I have no idea where the names would have come from :wink:
I only do a description if its a direct translation from a foreign word or ancient god name etc .If its bits of two words crammed together you can come up with any sort of meaning you want with a good description lol


Looking at other websites which only sell domain names, it seems there is one person who writes the descriptions at each of the other sites, ie, the descriptions follow the same format using similar descriptive words. This would be similar to having one person designing the logos using the same or similar style.

I think SH should hire someone to write the descriptions just as they do for the logos. Maybe, if they want to forgo the extra expense, they can expand the duties of a current employee. Afterall, English is not everyone’s first language and even some of the people who only know English, don’t know it all that well.


Ideally, the description provided by the Creative will be a short and helpful message that will allow the buyer to envision using the name for their company:

Bondford: a sophisticated and timeless name aligning your brand with an Oxford English style.

Wyggles: a fun name for a playful brand.

Kloxa: a short, memorable name for your modern brand.

Ignitary: Fire up your business with this exciting name derived from Ignite.


These are from a website which sells domains. I picked the names randomly then I copied and pasted them here. Notice any difference?

A perfectly stylish and homely brand name
It’s difficult to imagine a better brand name for a business that deals in some way with the home (builders, designers, homeware specialists, furniture makers, architects, and so on). First, it ticks all the brand name boxes: it’s short, memorable and easily spelled. And second, although it’s a unique, invented word, it’s clearly based on the word abode (a place where someone resides; a residence; dwelling; habitation …a home). So it sends out clear messages and evokes strong emotions. It’s an amazing combination that produces an effortlessly elegant and timeless name with amazing potential.

A highly capable brand name
The name Abledale does many things extremely well. It manages to feel natural and familiar, with a hint of the traditional, whilst being memorable and likeably relaxed. And it could also do a great job of conveying a bit of a message about the business behind the name: ‘we’re all about ability, capabilities, achievement and a can-do attitude’. As it takes the form of a place name, it also suggests a location where all of this great stuff might happen. All in all, it’s a brand name with an impressive range of capabilities.

A superbly positive name, focused on the future
This brilliant, engaging name focuses primarily on one clear message: looking forwards. There’s an eternal optimism about Everwards - the clever, natural compound of the words ‘ever’, or ‘forever’, and ‘forwards’ suggests improvement and innovation and a refusal to accept the status quo. Yet somehow the style of the name feels established and almost traditional. The result is a name that respects the past, but is firmly focused on the future.