Deleting entries on sold domains

So I sold a domain with a name I’ve been using for a really long time. I’ve entered it in a lot of applicable contests…I mean a lot. Now I have to go and remove it from active contests and it is going to take time I really don’t have to find the active ones and remove them one by one, if there are any active ones at all.

Is there a way I can easily do this? I don’t see a filter in my entries to select active contests only and even so it’s a bit daunting to do this one contest at a time.

Unless someone knows an easier way, I’d like to suggest a feature to remove these entries all at once in one click.

This brings me to another concern. What if I sell a domain that is shortlisted in another contest/s and I have to withdraw it and then the sale falls through for whatever reason and I’m no longer in the running for the contest/s it was removed from?

I know you can revive deleted entries and keep the rating it had but I fear I would lose track of what contest/s it was submitted in. Once deleted they don’t show up in the “my entries” search.

So maybe a feature to remove all at once and revive all at once!!! I dunno…

Any thoughts or tips?? (That don’t include keeping a log on my own)




  • We do not recommend submitting one name/domain to more than a few active contests at a time.

  • You only need to remove this name/domain from active or pending contests. The name/domain does not need to be removed from closed contests.

  • Based on your suggestion, we’ll be adding a filter to the My Entries page so you can search by Contest Status. However, this may take some time to develop.

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@grant Sounds good, thank you! For the record I’ve been using this name for almost two years. That’s why it pulls up so many contests. I don’t even think it’s in any active contests right now but there is no easy way for me to sift through them to find if there are any active ones with out checking them one by one. I hope that makes sense without making it sound like its active in numerous contests.

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Congrats on selling a domain, Chasity!


Thank you, @LauraE. This was actually my 2nd :smiley: It’s such a good feeling! I can’t thank SH enough for the opportunities they create for us! SH for president :joy::joy::joy:


@grant Thank you for adding the active contest indicator!! I was able to search my sold ID and learn it was in 0 active contests in less than 30 seconds!