Deleting entries after a competition ends?

Sorry if this has been a topic before. I guess SH wil probably know the answer to this one:)

This month I am seeing some of my domains snapped up. Am not suggesting the CH is necessarily buying them, but if they are I guess I wouldn’t know. I guess my question is: If after a competition ends (as in the CH chooses a winner); if I delete all my entries, will the CH still have a ‘master list’ of all the entries/submissions from that contest? Or will they no longer be able to see them once I have deleted them?

Just wondering if this will ‘protect’ some of my entries, if I plan to reuse them. Lost some good .coms this month :confused:



@SMJ110, once you delete your submissions, they are no longer visible to the CH.


It would be great to have the list of all our entries, as before, and that we could bulk-check availability.