Delete Our Hidden Entries

Why do we not have the ability to delete hidden entries?
In the recent Vague Blog contest, the CH has stated they will not be used, so shouldn’t we be able to delete those?
I’d rather delete them then let the CH have them for future use.

@Dan Can we have the ability to delete hidden entries?


@Annie, we are planning to change the overall functionality of deleted entries. We plan to phase out the deleted entries concept - instead, we will auto hide the low rated entries for CH. Once this change is done, you will be able to withdraw any entries from the contest, including the ones that were auto hidden due to low rating. We should have this in place by next week,


I agree. This problem has surfaced in the current brand name contest. The CH is looking for a brand name for his outdoor gear line(s.) As of now, he hasn’t rated one entry and is hiding all the entries. The biggest problem I have with that is that we can’t see any comments (his or ours), so if aspects of the brief change, we wouldn’t get alerts.


@Annie, @auntshommy: We have now implemented this feature. CH should no longer be able to delete any entries in a contest going forward. We now auto hide any entries that are low rated (rated 1 or 2) for the CH. You should be able to withdraw or see comments on any such entries going forward.