Delayed Support/ Response Times


Some of you may have noticed a significant delay in responses to your support requests.

Over the last few days we have experienced a huge inflow of support requests (almost 5X more than our normal volume). This is primarily being caused by certain Youtube videos and other articles about how creatives can use this platform to make money. As a result, our number of new account registrations has significantly increased - which is leading to a much greater volume of support requests.

We are also seeing a significantly large number of sign ups from sellers who are looking to list their domains on the Marketplace.

Since the recent escalation in support requests was unexpected, it has led to a temporary deterioration of our service levels. This level of drop is unacceptable to us, and our goal is to be to be as responsive as possible to all members of our platform (not just buyers or customers).

We have already taken several steps to address the issue but it might also take few more days to train new staff members in our support team. You might see several new faces while chatting with our team, and we expect us to go back to the original level of response times very shortly!

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


Seems like good news for SH as they will receive more creatives ultimately more revenues.
I am ok with the delay as long as its temporary and improvement is assured.
Thanks Grant for the explanation.Cheers :v:


@grant Are you hiring? :smiley:


I was thinking the same thing!


Check it out:


Out of my league, Clinks! I just want to chat with people having questions or problems!


That is what the second one is, Laura!


That was some high flutin’ job title! I’m not sure about how fast paced I can be for the job :smiley:


What do you say, let’s see if the grass is greener on the other side :smiley:


@AvramChe @LauraE you would both do well in customer service, you are always very diplomatic in the forum! :blush:


Thank you, Daisy. You’re so sweet!


I want to say thanks to the entire SH team. I know you all are working overtime. Sometimes, you are there at all of the weird hours and I want you to know that we notice. You all remain happy smiley people all the time - even when we aren’t. Great skills, great team. Welcome to the new folks!