Declaring Winners


I am becoming increasingly concerned about the fact that CHs are not declaring winners in contests. I just reported one and I can’t get into the details because SH doesn’t allow that and it is a somewhat unique situation. However, what I feel is happening is that CHs don’t seem to realize that a contest needs to close and winner declared before they can move on to next steps. What can SH do to get CHs to declare winners when they should? To SH: please refer to the 2 contests I just reported but also there are contests where domains have been registered and the CH doesn’t seem to realize that registering the domain does not mean it is over. Creatives end up waiting, sometimes a LONG time, for compensation for these contests and I really do believe it is just because the CH does not realize that they must declare a winner before they can use the name.


I completely agree with you Commulinks. I had a situation on another site where the CH did not select a winner for several weeks after the contest closed. My entry was one of only a couple of high rated entries so I decided to do a little digging and found the company’s social media page. Lo and behold there was MY slogan on that page. They were using it but did not declare me the winner or complete the contest. I contacted the site Admin who told me to contact the client directly which I did. I told them that they were not authorized to use my work because I had not been compensated. The client apologized and said they simply forgot and immediately awarded me the prize. If I had not found them online I most likely would have never been compensated. Therefore, what you are saying is a definite possibility. I think it should be made VERY clear to clients that they must choose a winner or the prize may not go to the right creative.


Wow @tkpro72! I always wondered about some of the “other” sites. None of them come close to comparing to all that SH does, though. (I’m on several of them but don’t like them much so don’t pay much attention to them). It is terrible that they told you that you had to go after the client yourself! I do wish I knew what the solution should be for SH but all I know is that I see something and say something. I’d love for there to be a solution to this particular problem for a lot of reasons on my watchlist right now!


Right when the contests ends, SH should set a specific time limit saying you have only 30 days to select a winner or we will. No exceptions. The rule should be enforced. Usually when contests go on for so long, it seems the CH is thinking too much into the name (from my perspective).


I wish I knew how to address this issue. Contest abandonment happens frequently on all contest sites but SH does more to try to minimize the problem than any other site. Maybe part of the problem is clients don’t really see us as REAL people working behind the scenes, but merely extensions of SH itself. They get what they need and the rest will just take care of itself. I don’t really know if that is the case or not. If so I don’t know how we would go about fixing the problem.


I get what you’re saying, but sometimes the client needs more than 30 days for various reasons. They may have to go through a very lengthy approval process, the person who has final say may not be available for some time, and so on. In those cases the client will be in contact with SH to let them know they need extra time. Most of the time that is the case when you see contests that have been sitting well beyond 30 days. However if there is NO contact from the client then SH will stick with the 30 day limit policy they have in place and chose winners via their own winner selection policy.


Great point. I do think that a lot of CHs just don’t realize and once they receive what they need, they just move forward. When yu said “the rest will just take care of itself”… that really struck me.


I think it should also be reiterated to Clients that they can close a contest as soon as they find their desired name - No need to keep ALL of us hanging on for 30 days or more, right Gang? :wink:


I haven’t had the issue of a domain being registered without the CH choosing a winner (at least not that I’m aware of), although I can imagine how frustrating that would be. On a related note … my frustration is that it seems that about half the time I have a “love it” rating in a contest, the CH abandons the contest. I don’t get a whole lot of “love it” ratings to begin with, and it’s especially bothersome when the CH doesn’t even choose a winner. I have 2 “love its” in a contest right now, and the CH hasn’t been active in 2 weeks … and I’m worried the contest will be abandoned. It’s just a bit disheartening.


Hi @Commulinks, thanks for the great feedback. As @tkpro72 mentioned, we try our best to support our CHs in choosing the very best name for their company as quickly as possible. We contact each CH three times, soon after their contest ends, and then again when they’re nearing the 30-day mark.

You–the Squadhelp Creative Community–are doing amazing work for thousands of businesses. One thing to remember, when a company takes all 30-allotted days to choose a winner–or even asks for an extension–is that choosing a name is a very important and consequential decision for our CHs. They will have it for a very long time, and there may be committees involved, trademark issues, internal and external research, and the likes.

@Dianna, keep up the good work; we appreciate you!


Thank you Grant! I know that SH does a lot…lot…lot.
The thing I really was talking about is when a CH moves on to the “next step” before declaring a winner on Step 1. (I reported a specific situation yesterday). But it also applies to those who just run off… lol. We know what you guys do to try and get them to choose a winner. But for some reason, it’s not working/enough for a lot of CHs.


Don’t lose hope. What you describe happens ALL the time. They do often come back because as @SquadhelpGrant said, they contact the CH often.

BUT…at the same time…I hear ya! Because I’ve got a whole bunch of those just sitting there as we speak!


… let the winning amount increase by some percentage after 30 days is over!!! :smile:


I think that would be hard to do @Brandshai. I do believe all monies are collected prior to the contest going live. If they wont come back to choose a winner, i doubt they’ll come back to pay more money. I do think some of them have other opinions to take into account when choosing their winner. Usually other owners/partners/committees/boards. This also takes time for them to complete their own research.


Its discouraging seeing your effort being wasted, I currently have upto 7 contest that am topping the trend with love it, like it and right track as the case may be. But am so surprised that some of the contest is getting up to a month with no winner. Even when i contact SH, they said they are working on it. Getting up to 2 months now, while time period is one month on abandoned contest. Its totally discouraging most especially when you are on negative trend like I am of recent


@Muyi4every, thank you for your thoughts, and we understand where you’re coming from. We are so very thankful for all of our creatives, and hate to hear that you are frustrated.

Please know, we extend contests past 30 days if we are asked to do so by the CH.


Hi, One of the logo designing contest crossed 3mths without selecting a winner . Unfortunately I was in a good position, but before the contest ends, the contest holder out of her good gesture increased all participants point by giving all of us a love it rating. Now, I’m not sure how this contest will come to an end or rather who or who all are going to be the winner. :smile:


Perhaps another option is for SH to put a Hold amount on the CH’s credit card when they sign up. If they do not pick a winner in 30 days or contact someone to extend SH can charge the amount. If I received a warning every week to make a decision or I would be charged, I would act uber swiftly.


1 month + 2 weeks waiting already so long, contest’s logo for 3 months ? :sweat_smile:, thats such an encouraging moment right @Brandshai :smirk: