Deciding when to Withdraw entries?


How do you decide when to Withdraw a contest submission? I have been on SH for a few months now and entered a variety of contests. I’m intrigued by the number of contests I see that have a significant number of Withdrawn entries. Obviously there is some strategic thinking behind these. I have Withdrawn a few entries mostly when the CH makes it clear(er) that this is no longer the direction they now want. What are some of your reasons for using the Withdraw option?


I withdraw an entry when I see that the CH may have a change in direction and if the entries I have are not rated and after the direction change I will then withdraw an entry


I usually don’t withdraw an entry except I make a mistake in the name due to typographical error or made a mistake in my logo design… Even if my entry was rated “No Thank You”, withdrawing it does not change the ratings, even if you restore it back. So i see no point in withdrawing entries just because it was rated “No Thank You” except it’s to create space for more entries to submit due to limitation of entries you can submit…

I think I have had a contest whereby I was rated No Thank You and I wanted to withdraw the entry but just left it and later that entry was changed to Love It and eventually won the contest.


Hi, I rarely withdraw a name, I don’t submit enough to need the space so I just let them ride. I had always heard people winning with a “no thank you” and it finally happened to me a couple weeks ago, a nice surprise.


Bottom Line…it’s not wise to withdraw entries for the reasons already stated plus,. If your entry is registered and you withdrew it, you have no recourse to report it.


sometimes I withdraw an entry because I mistyped it or lol, because after looking at it, I think it’s not right or sort of sucks.


I withdraw when I have a typo or forget to enter multiple extensions recommended by the owner. One day, I moved over my keypad and accidentally submitted the wrong entry.


I certainly hadn’t realised one had no recourse to report a domain registration if an entry has been Withdrawn. This has happened to me once but I assumed the inability to report was because it’d gone past the 30 days.


Aactually,if you find a withdrawn entry has been registered,and it is within the 30 day time frame,or you have definitive proof it was a CH registration…you can restore the withdrawn entry to active status,and then report it.


I withdraw if I make a typo, forget to include domains or all my entries get a no thankyou


Will it help my percentile if I withdraw entries after the contest has closed?


No, it does nothing for our percentile. I never withdraw entries because I want to be able to track them.