December 20th - Updates to Marketplace


I would like to make a suggestion. How about use the earned points to transfer a basic pro domains to premium. While these domains are not premium, they are not visible on the market, they cannot even be offered by other creatives


Some Basic Plus names are searchable already.

I don’t think Basic Plus names that are not searchable should be allowed to be upgraded. They were rejected for a reason and they are not searchable for a reason.

Those Basic Plus names that have been submitted to contests and received enough likes to make them searchable should be allowed to be upgraded using points.

I love the idea (half of it anyway) @Edukar


I started buying domains too late. Most of my Basic Plus have many likes, but they are not visible on the market. I’m ready to spend points to get premium status, especially since CH likes them. I understand that the SH team works hard when selecting premium domains, but if customers really like some BPL domains, team need to consider this.


I feel really foolish for hurrying to edit all my domains to meet the 3 uses and 3 emotions guidelines by the beginning of January. It feels like I just put all my names at a further disadvantage, because tons of names are still showing ten or more of each, along with dozens of keywords. I understand it takes time to implement changes, but why were we asked to review and edit our names at the end of December if the change was a month or more away?


Daisy, the system still only recognizes 3, even if there are more listed. Your names may actually be at an advantage, not disadvantage if someone else has more categories listed but the system is only recognizing the least desirable ones. I have not had a chance to change all of mine. I am not finding a difference from any time in the past with those that have been changed vs. those that have not been changed. In fact, sometimes when I fix one, I end up getting activity when the name had no activity for a week. So my point is you are probably OK.
PS: If you have found that your shortlists have dropped on certain names, it can be because you chose the wrong categories.


Still there @grant Will it be soon?


Our team has been working hard on making these changes as well as several other changes to improve the platform experience for everyone. While we can not always pinpoint an exact implementation date in advance, our goal is to provide enough notice for significant changes such as this so that creatives are not caught by surprise.

This change is being implemented in several phases, and the first few phases are already live. For example, the system now only recognizes and displays a maximum of 3 emotions on the landing page. There are still some changes that are in progress related to classification and we will continue to work on them over the next several days. If you have already taken action to ensure your domains meet our classification guidelines, you are in a better situation than leaving them to chance and let the system pick 3 classification values randomly.


And keywords are going to be removed from the landing pages @grant?

I’ve just found several names where whoever has obviously ticked every single “possible uses” and every single “keywords” before keywords were removed. They are showing up in the popular names section of the site so this person/people are definitely better off than the rest of us at the moment.



  1. We have added additional slots for Super Boost option (there are several available currently)

  2. We have removed the “Keywords” from the Domain Landing page since these are no longer being used


Here’s my dilemma,input,and suggestion.I am in no wise a knowledgable domainer.1st,(dilemma)I don’t understand how all this stuff works,2nd (input)that’s why I have very few names listed forsale.3rd(suggestion) if after a period of no sale or activity on listed domains- would willing to expire those names and revert them back to owner at the orginal price/ any associated fees they were submitted/ accepted on?


Has anyone noticed that their Basic Plus names that are visible in the marketplace are suddenly getting ZERO shortlists? It has been building now for over a week.


I would like to draw attention to the fact that the SH team could get more benefits if it equated BPL domains to premiums. Now creative can remove this domains without penalty and sell it on the side. And this is a lost profit for SH. but domainers are forced to do so because many BPL domains are still not visible on the SH market. I propose to return the previous system, when the BPL domain, having received several likes in the contest, became visible in our domain marketplace. SH team will gain more from this decision. because customers will find domains on the pages of the Squardhelp and, accordingly, make a purchase through the SH team.


@grant, marketplace review take so very long time, many times take till 10 days or more. And even sometimes still waiting.


Hi i hope theres option to add creative owned domains on this list. image

just so easier to track and add discount on it. thank u