December 20th - Updates to Marketplace


We are announcing few additional updates in order to improve the Marketplace experience for sellers as well as buyers:

1. Much Greater Pricing Flexibility

If you have more than 50 premium listings in the Marketplace, you now have much more flexibility to change selling price of your approved domains, straight from your dashboard.

For domains priced below $5000, you can increase the price up-to 2X of the originally approved price. For example, if your domain was approved for $2399, you should be able to increase the price all the way to $4699 directly from your dashboard.

For domains priced above $5000, you can increase the price by 50% or 25%, depending upon the current selling price.

You also have more flexibility in reducing the selling price below originally approved price.
The pricing flexibility applies to both seller owned domains as well as SH registered domains.

2. Classification & Navigation

We have simplified our category structure by merging the “keywords” with categories. You will no longer be able to select “Keywords” for your domains but you will be able to find more options in “possible uses” and “primary category” selection.

In addition, we previously allowed more than 3 “Emotions” and “Possible Uses” to be selected for each domain. In order to improve discovery of domains, and ensure a level playing field for all domains, we no longer accept more than 3 Emotions and more than 3 possible uses.

Some of the domains have 10+ possible uses and 10+ Emotions - which hurts the discoverability of relevant domains in the Marketplace.If you had previously selected more than 3 Emotions or possible uses for any of your domains, we request that you remove the additional options and only keep the top 3 options that are most relevant. Starting January, our system will only recognize 3 possible uses and 3 emotions from your domains even if you had more options selected.

3. Syllables and Pronounceability

We are working on few Beta projects that allow customers to filter and sort names based upon number of syllables as well as the pronounceability of domains. These options will offer more ways for customers to discover great names, helping improve the overall discovery and visibility of names. Some of these options are currently being A/B tested, and therefore only visible to a subset of users browsing the Marketplace.


EXCELLENT, MUCH NEEDED changes and improvements!!! (But boy, I’ve got some work to do!)

@Grant question: One of the issues I always had with Primary category and Possible uses category was that they weren’t the same categories. I got frustrated when there was a possible uses category that was not a primary category, when it obviously should have been. Have the categories all been merged and fixed? Before I start the arduous process of evaluating all of my names, I would really appreciate knowing if that is all fixed.


Edit to add: SH, another problem that has existed with the categories is that the PRIMARY category does NOT put the name in that category if you select that category when you search the marketplace. You have to put that same primary category in the possible uses section for it to be there. I know I have reported this before - is that fixed? In other words, the primary category has always been useless!

Sorry, another addition! SH, this all needs to be fixed ASAP so we can comply.
If you go here: on the left side you see the list of all the categories. They are not in alpha order for one thing. And second, they do NOT match what you see when you go here:

What this means @Grant is that the customer gets a different list and the lists don’t jive. That also makes it very difficult for us to categorize with the new system.


Thanks to the SH team for prompt feedback and the opportunity to make our work more comfortable


You should pls set a percentage to the number of names sellers can change its price, otherwise, it will be abused. Like 10 to 15 percent of total portfolio is fine


hi @grant, can also add creative owned domains here on status option? just to make us easy to search for our owned domains. thank yyyouu


All of this sounds great but I don’t like that the ability to increase price only goes out to those with more than fifty names. People with less than fifty names have good names too and deserve this right. Right now as you’re putting it, people that have better sales potential because amount of names, better visibility because amount of names, and ability to make more money because amount of names are just getting chances for even more. This doesn’t seem right and can also allow prices to be abused. I don’t think having less names means some people lack in quality and sh suggested prices can be off the mark for people with seven names or seventy seven names. I suggest this be reevaluated because some of us have names we would like the ability to raise the price on and have been asking and hinting at for some time and yet it’s only handed to some people.

My suggestion: everyone has this right but only for a certain number of domains or a percentage of portfolio for a month, a quarter, a half year, or a year maybe give the option for each of those.


I reserve final judgement until I experience these changes first hand but overall they sound like positive efforts to streamline the submission process and make the marketplace more customer-search friendly.

I’m surprised at the amount of self-pricing you are going to allow and I think it will result in a significant amount of over priced domains but that’s OK its a personal choice.

I’m sure SH will monitor sales and compare before and after to see if it results in more sales and more income or less sales and more income or less sales and less income.

It will be interesting to see. I hope it’s up and up for everyone :slight_smile:


I wish theres announcement soon … Updates to Marketplace *INTEGRATION


@Grant can you please give us an update on the issues that need to be fixed for the categorizations?



The primary category and possible uses should show the same options now. Please let us know if you are seeing any inconsistencies.

You do not need to select the primary category again as possible uses. Think of primary category as the main industry which is the best fit for the domain. The possible uses are other potential industries that the domain might be a good fit for. The filters on main marketplace listings page take into account both the primary category as well as possible uses while showing the results.

However, depending upon the context, some other pages (such as these) may only show results from the primary category.


Thank you so much! I will see what happens and if I find anything.


Grant - just a clarification, are you saying the “useless” primary uses category has also been fixed? Just to make sure the team understands - the primary category did NOT put the names into the primary category as a search. I found this repeatedly long ago and fixed all of my names by also adding the primary category to possible uses. I was doing what you said should work before, using the primary category then different possible uses and I found my names did not come up in the primary.


I have the same problem. I suspect that this applies to all premium domains


Don’t worry, I’ve blue buttoned. Thanks.


@Grant, the categories are all messed up! I just added a new name to the marketplace. When you add the name and it gives you the option to add the description, there are a ton more categories available than if you do it from the dashboard. I know this because I tried to add the description from the beginning and it wouldn’t “take” at all. So I said “I’ll do it later” and went to my dashboard to do it and I couldn’t choose the same categories. On this one, for example, it is a pet related business. When I added it, I could have chosen pet supplies. But because I could not add it there, on my dashboard, pet supplies was not an option.

I was truly hoping the team would fix all the category problems before implementing the 3 limit. Please, ask the tech team to fix all the category issues. I always feel like the clock is ticking on my names. Every minute/day/month they are not discoverable, is sales lost and then renewal time comes.

All categories need to match across the platform on all forms and all pages where customers will go. The issue with the two landing pages where customers go isn’t fixed, either.


@grant Further to @Commulinks post, here are some visuals to better explain the issues.

There are 3 issues…

Issue 1
The categories do not match in various places. (I will update this next time I have a name approved)

Issue 2
When you approve a name for the marketplace and immediately complete the following:
Domain Name (stays when you press submit)
Describe this domain (disappears when you press submit)
Primary Category (disappears when you press submit)
Possible Uses (stays when you press submit)
What Emotion or Feeling Does This Name Convey? (stays when you press submit)
Root word(s) for this domain (stays when you press submit)
When the names have been published you have to go to your approved domain list, find the domain and re-input the two fields mentioned above.

Issue 3
If you go back to change your categories, it does not update on the landing sales page. As an example, I published with no details, then went into my back office and filled in the details. Here is a screenprint of my back office and the landing page after I updated the details.

These issues explain all of the problems everyone is having. I suspect it has something to do with the merging of categories / keywords a few months back. The sales pages are pulling information from the keywords field (which no longer exists) instead of categories.

Hope it helps.


And on the name I tried to do today, I could have chosen Primary Pet, Pet Supplies as a possible use but only right when I added it - and that didn’t work. So from my dashboard, no pet supplies listed.


@Commulinks @AbleBrands The categories should be same in all places now. There were few places where additional categories were available however we have standardized this to a common list now.

We will look into issue #2 and get that resolved as soon as possible.

For #3, based upon the example you shared, it is showing the possible uses correctly on the landing page (they are shown as “A Marketing or Advertising business” etc).

What you might be referring to is keywords. We no longer use keywords in classification and we plan to remove any previously selected keywords from the landing pages in the near future. As announced previously, the keywords have now been merged with categories.


@grant Thanks for the update on issue 1 and 2.

Issue 3. If you compete ‘categories’ before it’s published, it shows up as keywords on the landing page (except the primary category because of issue 2).

Getting rid of keywords on the landing pages makes a lot of sense. They are ugly, the keyword landing pages probably confuse the site SEO (so much duplicate content) and its the area where some creatives have done it but other haven’t so it’s not uniform. I’m tentatively looking forward to seeing them go… if traffic / shortlists drop significantly could it be put back?



Just i wish theres integration soon with other companies, to boost sales :weary: