Dear Darpan, from the community you built

Dear @Darpan:
Congratulations on your amazing investment of $10M from HilcoDigital!

What you have built with Squadhelp is unique to every space involving branding and domaining. You had the foresight to tap into a community of people in a crowdsourcing platform that is different than any other. You have thousands of creatives and domainers here who have contributed greatly to the success of Squadhelp because you kept the door open to do that.

Please know we are all here to continue to contribute our ideas and frustrations with the “rest” of the industry to make Squadhelp even better. We STILL have ideas. And everyone is STILL here, ready to tell you what will make Squadhelp even better!!

My hope is that you will remember what an incredible resource you already have in the Squad community and that you will listen with a new open ear to our ideas to capitalize on your new investment.

I know I would love it if you would ask us what is needed moving forward. I know you said in your announcement that there will be new investment in marketing, for one. And I, for one, greatly appreciate that! I have needed to spend money on marketing myself. I would love to step away from having to do that.

But SH has truly become the #1 place where entrepreneurs can come for the BEST ideas for names for their businesses. No other platform has a way for entrepreneurs to come up with, and obtain great domains for, a business when they aren’t even sure what they want for a name. I’ve even had to explain this to my rep at GD! All an entrepreneur needs is a spark of an idea to find the right name on SH through the marketplace and CONTESTS!

Darpan, please open a PRIVATE string in the forum for “Next Great Ideas” and I guarantee you our community has them. Everyone is so frustrated with the industry as it stands today. We all have ideas that could work…and that is what has made SH such a success.

I guess I am saying to you, Darpan, “don’t forget us little people” as you forge ahead. Please ask us what we need next. We haven’t failed you so far, am I right?

Congratulations to the entire SH community and the incredible staff.