Deadlines for the transfer of the sold domain to the buyer


Hello! I would like to know if there are any maximum deadlines for the transfer of the sold domain to the buyer (not by installments)? Or can this process last indefinitely? For me, this question is relevant, since the domain seems to have already been sold for several months, but it is possible that the buyer will eventually refuse from it, and many months of waiting will be missed for another possible sale. I would appreciate the answer!


@Kasinsky - As context, we find that most domain buyers are actively working with our team, and domains are being transferred within a short time of the original purchase. As per our refund policy, buyers must transfer a domain within 10 days of purchase. However, in a few rare cases, there can be unforeseen issues in communicating with the buyer.

I did look into your case. Please contact our Customer Service team to discuss options.


Grant, in the same realm but different, how long do we have to transfer a domain to the buyer or SH after the sale? Do you have time limit?


Great, Grant! I will, thank you


Hi @Commulinks - When a Creative Owned domain is purchased through the Squadhelp Marketplace, the Creative should begin the transfer right away, to expedite the process. The maximum amount of time allotted is 24-48 hours.


OK. Wow, then when I am away (frequently off the grid) this is tough!


@Commulinks - While a rapid transfer is important to providing an excellent customer experience to Marketplace Buyers and getting payment released to Creatives as quickly as possible, we can work with you if there is a genuine reason for the delay.


I think you could possibly have the phone number of the sellers on record and if a sale is made you could notify them via whatsapp or message too after 12-24 hours of no activity. That way anyone who has just left their domain names here or are away can be directly notified.


Thank you for this idea. We’ll consider doing this in the future.