Dashboard Glitch

While on my dashboard page, the button that says “Hi, (My Name)” no longer works. The drop down menu will not appear. If I click over to another page, like my marketplace dashboard, then the button works fine. I have tried on three different devices, same problem everywhere. Has anyone else experienced this? It’s frustrating because I can’t access my activity feed as easily anymore.


Yes…I have this as well…and the bluebell always flashing that there are two messages when there are none and even flashes two when there are more than two. I inquired a while ago and was told it was my browser but I have tried three browsers now and still the same issue.

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Thanks @ChristyMay, I think there are several glitches that started when the bell notification feature was expanded, I keep thinking the kinks will be worked out eventually, but nothing so far. Also, isn’t it a bit odd we get bell notifications for practically everything now, but there isn’t one when you win a contest?


Same here for both issues.

Had the same issue, fixed today

yes, I blue buttoned this last week - I asked if anyone else had reported this issue and they said “no.” They checked my page and said everything was working fine so I just assumed it was my computer - glad to know it isn’t just me.

Appears to be fixed today, I’m glad I asked.