Dan, Are you Still With Us?

I haven’t seen @Dan around for a long time. Questions are asked and he replies to them in a very prompt fashion, but lately, he hasn’t been responding.

@LauraE , we are reducing SHs direct involvement in the forum because we would like this forum to become a resource for creatives to interact with each other, without much intervention from SH.

For any support related issues or questions, our support team is available to answer any questions at any time. In addition, we will continue to be involved in the discussion forum for any topics that require Squadhelp’s input, as well as for any announcements and ensuring that the discussions adhere to the posting guidelines.

We are committed to further improving Squadhelp based upon the feedback from creatives. Therefore even though we may not directly respond to every discussion, please be assured that we review all of them and use them as an input to improve the platform.