Cute Idea For "Sold" Instant Domains


@Grant. I had a cute idea for ID’s that are sold. Rather than having them disappear from the Creatives page, is there a way to super-impose a “SOLD” banner across the name? Like you see when a house is sold. Preferably see-thru or in the top corner so we can still see the name. It might be helpful to other Creatives to see what type of names are selling and it looks good on the Creatives page who sold it. Opinions welcome. :slight_smile:


I think thats a great idea! I don’t think if it was sold it should be pulled from our public profile. After all, it is kind of like our portfolio.


I THINK IT IS AN AWESOME IDEA LIZZY!!! Maybe above or below it that way we can and the clients can still see art in the domain name


Personally, I don’t like everyone knowing the details of what names got sold. I am fine with the current setup.


I second @lightless, let it be like the current setup please.


We’ve already added some samples of names that have sold in your marketplace dashboard - and we’ll consider adding additional ways to showcase sold names as well.


Maybe take a poll @grant. I’d like to see majority rule on this, or give creatives an opt out option. I think it’s a great idea and it would help those, such as myself, who are not experts to see what’s working and what’s not. Plus, for me, it’d be a positive motivator to keep at it when I’m feeling discouraged.


It is a personal choice whether to display sold domains or not, thus there should be an opt-out option for those who don’t want their sold names displayed.


might be a good point