Custom Voiceovers for SquadHelp Domain Names?

I’ve wanted to add my own voiceovers to the SquadHelp landing pages for awhile. I do voiceovers and voice acting on the side.

While the AI generated readings are nice, I believe a nice touch to the SH marketplace would be if there was a way to get real humans to read the domains and brands. All premium SH domains get a Custom Logo, Custom Text, so why not Custom Audio?

Could work a similar system like the Logo and Creative Writing for getting paid. Although it would have to be slighter more.

What do people think?


It’s a nice idea, but I don’t think it’s very feasible. Definitely not if the cost would be higher than classifications or logo designs. Maybe just offering a wider range of standard voice choices could give a more custom feel.

@ALDaisy1 You do the same thing for the logo and writing. Have a small upfront fee and when the domain sells they get a little more.

For the higher level domains it would be worth it. @grant

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Classifiers do not get anything extra when a domain sells. They tested that option for a while, but it’s a strictly upfront fee of $1-2 now.

Logo designers to do though right? @ALDaisy1

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Yes, that’s a feature that’s been introduced recently. I’m not familiar with exactly what amount they receive.

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@ALDaisy1 I think the same concept could be applied to custom voiceovers for the domains.

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