Curious why a name is stuck in the submission stage @ 2 weeks with 19 reviews

Curious, why a name is just stuck in the submission stage (no coins) @ 2 weeks with 19 reviews. I’m on another platform with a bulk of my portfolio and hope to submit more on SH. I’m wondering if it’s backed up here, or is it a glitch? It’s never taken this long or this many reviews before.

Update: within 15 minutes of this post the name was finally approved! I’ll take it as a good sign then. @ 2 weeks plus a couple of days for the logo to be published. Still a lot quicker than a 45-day turnaround (as a matter of perspective)


You are not alone: 0). You need to rejoice because there is still hope. The most offensive thing is when you wait 2 weeks with 20 expert views and your domain is not approved.


Maybe the domain name was submitted by someone else a long time ago