Curious about a contest in the winners section where the name doesn't match the domain

I was just reviewing the recent “winners” of contests, and I saw this one:

It got me curious because the first “T” is missing in the domain entry compared to the name entered. And I have doubts the domain without the T is a great fit for the customer, or is it? As for the domain with the T, I believe there are extremely high chances it wasn’t available (it is registered since many years and currently with a lander for sale).
Screenshot from 2021-10-04 01-04-12

Or this was a stealth “outside” sale? In this case, I’m very sorry to raise the matter (it wasn’t my intention to snitch).

What seems to be the “wrong” domain appears to have been registered!? Is that a mistake and the customer really hasn’t realized it? (I don’t know if there is some automation involved according to the entry). Or it’s all on purpose?


That is odd indeed… I have noted similar anomalies before in the winning name as shown on SH. Some “winners” that couldn’t possibly be correct as they are for sale elsewhere or already being used. My questions on these via Blue Button were never answered fully citing confidentiality.