Curated Discovery Polls for Marketplace

We are pleased to announce a new feature that will further improve the discovery of relevant domains in our Marketplace, and will offer a new way to earn points. You can learn more about this feature here:

Currently this program is in Early Beta stage and the participation is by invitation only. However in the near future, our plan is to enable this program for many of our Tier A creatives and Marketplace sellers.


Great to put more human review involvement in the marketplace

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Ohhh, great idea, Grant :sunglasses:


This is a wonderful new feature. I know there are some great names for sale and every time I go on Marketplace and see them still there, I think to myself “How is it that you are not sold yet??!!” I’m not sure who owns them but I wish I could let the owner know that their name / domain ROCKS!


Great idea. Let’s make SH marketplace extremely curative. It will be good for all of us

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I would like to recommend that SH allow us to choose all names that are just right for a category. I am finding that it is unfair. There are often several names that are exactly right for a category and we are stuck choosing between several exactly right names.