Criteria for cancelled contests

I just saw that the CH that had us jump thru hoops and changed the criteria for her contest 900 times for the name her designer swimsuit, cancelled the contest. Pretty crazy.

What is the criteria to be able to cancel a contest and not pay anyone? Do they ever cancel, and then use someone’s name anyway?


@hollygirl, If a contest is not “Guaranteed”, the contest holder has the option to cancel the contest if they do not like any entries. Guaranteed option is available in case of Gold Package, and about 10-15% of our contests are non guaranteed. Some of them eventually get cancelled. As per our Terms, a CH can not use any names from the contest if they do not pick a winner. However, there is certainly a possibility that a CH might use a name and knowingly violate our policy. If we come across such cases, we take appropriate action. Some contestants do not participate in non-guaranteed contests due to the risk that the contest might get cancelled, - so you might want to consider that as an option if you feel that the risk of cancellation is not worth the effort.