Creatives posting name contests and acting as CHs

So I have noticed one creative in particular who has posted the same contest more than a couple of times, didn’t really like or high-rated any entries, constantly changed her brief, and then abandoned the contest which seems highly suspicious to me. She still has an active creative account.

I thought this wasn’t permitted in the platform but I guess it unfortunately is. While I don’t think other creatives should be totally banned from hosting naming contests, they should be screened more thoroughly as things can go wrong in many ways–who can guarantee that this creative is not actually stealing name ideas from other creatives and then using these in actual contests hosted by legitimate clients later on the same subject?

Anyway, lesson learned I will not participate again in a contest posted by the same creative with contradictory guidelines and a history of contest abandmonment. It’s a total waste of time and a high risk as well.


This is an issue that you should take up with SHadmin via the blue button. Give them all the info you have. However, I’d be careful about accusing people of stealing names in the forum. Its against their policy and could land you in trouble.
Now as far as stealing names…If you dont actually own them, technically they are not stolen and are available for anyone to register.
I’m pretty sure all CH have access to their contests and all entries that were received evn after the contest is closed. They used to be able to download a list just like we were. Not sure if they still can. I know I can go back to all the contest I entered…even ones from years ago and see all my entries.


To update my original comment…the answer is yes. CH has the ability to export all entries they receive. The following is from the CH guidebook…

Can I export the results of my naming contest?

Written by Squadhelp Admin
Updated over a week ago

Absolutely. As a contest holder, you can export the results of your naming contest at any time. Simply go to your contest page and click on “Export Results”. This will export all your submissions into an excel file.


Fortunately, when I checked my entries I gave out to this contest, nothing was taken a few days later but I’ll keep checking.

I don’t think they are dumb enough to submit suggested domain names so soon but I suspect they do this to just steal great name ideas and use them later in similar field contests (as creatives this time) and possibly win submitting someone else’s idea. Again I’m not sure but their behavior is suspicious and creatives like us should be more thoroughly screened before opening a contest as CHs.

I dont like that, once a winner is picked those names should not be avail for dl.