Creatives-please report this to SH if you see it

Hi fellow creatives,
I’ve run across an issue where I find registered domains inside a contest that do not appear on My Entries page. This is really hard to recreate as a problem so if you see this happen, please use the bubble to report to SH so they have examples. How it works: You look at your “My entries” page and see nothing that has been recently registered. Then you are in a contest and find a domain that was registered that wasn’t on My entries.

Thanks! I can’t be the only one but it is so hard to pinpoint because of the way it happens.


I get it a lot. I check my entries daily and nothing new shows…then look at a contest once closed and it was registered weeks ago and never shows up on the “registered” list until after I find it on my own.


I get that a lot, too. Recently I’ve been checking it myself on because it doesn’t show up on “my entries” , but after 30 days it will show up that it has been registered and the sad part is you cannot report it anymore.

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And I get that a lot, too.

Thanks all of you for your replies. Next time you see this happen, please send it the SH so they can fix the problem. Send screen shots if possible.