Creative Owned names For Sale



We do believe in some Domains which SH doesn’t approve for Premium Marketplace, and feel they may have good selling potential on the ‘Creative Owned Names’. So, I request @grant to give us some numbers of Sell through for creative Owned names as I’m slightly skeptical to register those domains and list them there.


Has anyone sold much from ‘Creative Owned Names’ ? Please let me know your thoughts.



I have sold both basic plus names and for a while, just as many as my premiums. I’ve also used my basic names in contests and won with them. I, too, have believed in my basic plus names and keep them there but it is only great if they are visible in the marketplace.


Great going @Commulinks.

As I see, you’re one of our best here. Keep it slayin :wink:


@grant Can you share % numbers of ‘Creative Owned Names for sale’?

@Commulinks Let me know If it’s inappropriate to ask @grant about this. I am quite a noob.


Thanks so much, Nick. It is appropriate to ask SH the questions you are asking.