Creating new definitions for common words


I’m sure you’ve all seen this and LOLed about it. But this is really fun. The Washigton Post runs this contest every year for people to provide new definitions for common words. Here’s the 2017 winners, if you haven’t seen them.

New Meanings for Words Game | For fun or to challenge yourself

:clap: Now I want to do another game … :joy::joy:


do it!!! This one would be harder! LOLOL
My fav on the list is rastafarian…


OMG - That was hilarious!

My fave was #13 - Circumvent :laughing:


Only thing I am wondering is should I give a list of words to give new meanings to or should I make it so everyone submits their own list of words with new meanings? Could do either one and and it be fun and challenging.


I think people could give their own words with new meanings.


Here is the thread :slight_smile: :


There is actually no such contest. These definitions go back years.