Covid-19 and creatives

I don’t intend posting this as a separate topic, but I felt it’s necessary because it’s better to be discuss as a topic rather than suggesting it on “how to improve the site’s topic”.
I woke up to something terrible this morning as some robbers at gun point came to us, collect all our money and every valuable things in the house including food. It’s so terrible here as the lock down spike the crime rate and many people are only looking for ways to survive this hard time. Both me and my wife are completely left with nothing as everything has been taking away. At this very hard period, nobody is willing to give anyone anything to survive as everyone is battling for his or her survivor. Some who are even willing to help can’t do so as banks has already close and no glimpse of hope until after the lock down. Now my suggestion is that as a squad help creative, @grant and @Darpan is it possible to lend creatives let say 200 dollars and to be removed immediately after winning a contest? Better still, is it possible to buy 1 or 2 of our premium domain and take the ownership completely? For instance, if I borrow $200 from SH, whenever I have a winning, the money can be deducted from my account, even if I won $100, it will only amount to 2 winnings before I pay off everything, even bonus and split should be included.
Example 2, supposing I have a premium domain and my commission is 300 dollars if the domain is sold, SH can buy it at let say 250 dollars with five years renewal fee to be 50 dollars remaining, let hope that it got sold within that 5 years.
The only problem of these suggestions is that some people are not winning contest on SH any longer, and if such person decides to leave the platform, it’s going to be shortage on SH and that is why I’m suggesting buying our premium domain which become yours forever. I think it will be a life saving measure if SH can do so within few months of this hard time.


Oh my goodness @Muyi4every. The bright side is that you and your family are unhurt physically. I’m sending you lots of hugs and good wishes.

Do you have a paypal account? You can PM me or post it here.



Be safe brother. I wish everyone on and off this platform to be safe and healthy. There is crisis everywhere. Prayers for everyone.


I am so sorry :slightly_frowning_face:.
Here’s an idea…
What if everyone who’s willing to collaborate ( with whatever amount we feel comfortable with ) could transfer from our account balance to yours? SH could facilitate that, maybe. Anyway, that’s just an idea.
It’s not that we’re all rich, but every single dollar counts, I guess :slightly_smiling_face:.
Hi @grant
Can this be done somehow?
Thank you.


@Muyi4every Firstly, Thank God that you and family were not hurt. Being robbed is one thing, but having a gun pointed at you is down right frighteneing, Ive experienced it more than once as a bank teller and it leaves an impression for sure. I’m sure lots of our friends here would like to help you out. If you have paypal, please let me know, I’d be happy to send you and your beautiful bride some assistance.
But please, also focus on your familys mental health after this. Believe me the repercussions of this event will stay with you for a while. Talk through it with each other because paranoia, anxiety and nightmares hit me like a ton of bricks in the days following. Sending hope and love your way :heart:


I think a lot of us want to help you @Muyi4every!


@Muyi4every I am so sorry for what has happened to you and your family, I know how it feels and I know how it feels to be in this darn country, the pandemic has spiked up everything, borders are closed and it has now become an easy excuse to do crimes, even the law enforcements are out there helping out the criminals.
Our country leaders hardly cares as they keep on swooping each money that comes in from relieve or financial aid.

Everyone it really sucks in Nigeria but it’s where we are, I don’t know where I would have been or what I would have been without this great platform in the last 2 years. I hope your suggestion gets to @grant and @Darpan cause I also live in fear every night because I am away from my family due to college and since the borders are closed, inter-state travels/movements isn’t allowed and the city I stay in is not the city to be in in this kind of crisis. It’s been months since I have seen my family and I don’t know when next due to this pandemic

What I am most happy about is that you and your family is safe and no harm, everything lost can be gotten back, infact a better one at that, just believe God in that. For everyone asking for Paypal, Paypal accounts aren’t accepted for Nigerians due to our reputation, we can’t have a fully verified account that can recieve payments or money, only Payoneer is open for us… @Muyi4every God keep you and your family safe and also God bless you guys and this great community.


I really appreciate everyone’s response, it play a whole lot of roles in our lives and family. For those wanting to help, thanks a lot, as mentioned earlier by @kingugo123 PayPal is not accepted here in Nigeria, however, after speaking to someone who is buying and giving us the naira equivalent, he agreed to give me his PayPal account. Please if you will like to send me anything from PayPal, the man said he can only receive it as family and friends FNF, so please remember to send it as family and friends. is the PayPal account, I really appreciate everyone’s penny sent to me and I pray we don’t witness such ever in our lives.
Since the account is not mine, I’ll be glad if anyone can send the screenshot of any amount sent to me so that I can have full proof of the fund while claiming the naira equivalent, thanks so much everyone for your concern, once again, the PayPal account is


I’ve spoken to SH about @Porti idea and they will get back to me. Hopefully they can arrange something then at least you can control your own money.

I’ll let you know outcome.


Oh my gosh, I am so sorry this happened to you! And I am really glad that you and your family are at least safe.

I really love your suggestion that SH might implement a way to transfer funds directly from one creative’s account to another. If SH would be able to do this, it could also have some great uses in the future between creatives. So I really hope they can!

As you can imagine, sending money to Nigeria from the United States can raise some red flags so I am really hoping that SH can set something up. I know that is work for SH, but it would be so nice if they did it. There have been other times on SH when people have gone through horrible things and the community have wanted to pitch in to help.


That’s GREAT @AbleBrands!
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


As an update, I did a blue button request to transfer funds and SH were kind enough to do it.

Hopefully, they will do it for others too, it’s just a one off, though I appreciate it is a bit of an administrative nightmare for them!


They were kind enough to do it for me, too.
@Muyi4every I hope it helps you. We are a great community and I am really glad you posted.


I can’t believe what I’m seeing, thank you so much @AbleBrands and @Commulinks For your little contributions, I believe it will go a long way in this hard time. Thanks to other creatives who are still willing to help and those who has supported me with kind words, those words are what I really need in this hard time. I have started receiving funds in my SH account, and I really appreciate those who cares for me, my prayer is that may non of you including your family ever experience what I’m experiencing right now.
My wife @beloved is still in shock, she no longer sleep at home as she’s finding it difficult to forget everything at once. I myself has taken the table where I normally put my laptop to the kitchen as I don’t enter kitchen frequently, since the table is reminding me the awful experience without my laptop on it again. My little kid is doing fine as she’s still very small to understand what is going on. Only me sleeping at home for now, and I must say it’s still very fresh in my mind as I battle to forget everything once and for all. It’s now becoming very hard for me to sleep as I have a sleepless night today. I’m glad fellow creatives are supporting me this hard time and that’s why I’m keeping motivated.
Please I still need your prayers so that my wife will be out of the shock. Once again, thank you @AbleBrands thank you @Commulinks and thanks to everyone who are still willing to assist as well as those helping me emotionally.


You don’t need to feel bad or guilty @Porti what you are doing now worth more than millions to me, your word of encouragement is what we need as a family now, I hope to come out of the shock very soon and continue with my SH activities as everything has been on delay for the past few days. The good news is that few people among those armed robbery were caught yesterday night, here are pictures of some of themScreenshot_20200415-135932
Although some of the things collected from us can’t be retrieve any longer, but I’m glad some of those robbers were caught and I pray they catch every one of them


@Muyi4every this is the most serious case right now, the robbery was going in an ascending other from one local government to another.
The most disheartening is that the pandemic wasn’t our problem at all, nobody in almost everyone’s neighborhood has been announced to contact Covid19. Only the politicians that wanted to use the opportunity to embezzle money claimed positive for covid19 and the following week they are Negative. The state of insecurity in this country is alarming. Sending hope and love your way @Muyi4every .
Thanks to this great community for the love and care, we will forever be greatful @all creatives and coordinators.



I am very sorry to hear about your situation. However I am glad to hear that you and your family are safe.

While we do not have any formal mechanism from SH perspective to facilitate fund transfers between creatives, we will do our best to support our creative community in any way we can.


Happy they were caught. Either way, I’ll keep my promise :slightly_smiling_face:


So sorry what happened to you @Muyi4every, but happy to know that none of you was physically hurt. I’ll keep your family in prayer.

@grant and @Darpan, would you kindly consider the SOS options @Muyi4every suggested earlier; to either advance cash out to needy creatives, or to buy out creatives’ domains at a low price? Premium domains held by a creative who requires/receives a cash advance could alternatively be held as security until the advace is paid off via wins or sales.

It is some very dark times for some of us right now and that would be a huge help.

Thank you so much for considering


I really like this idea, Soni. And I think I have something meaningful to add to the idea.

There is an org called KIVA. They do microloans through crowdfunding for micro businesses in poverty-stricken countries. The way they work is, say I loan $25 toward’s someone goal to raise $2000 and several other people do as well. Then, the business owner pays back the loan, I get my money back to reinvest in another business.

We could do that on SH! The loans would be paid back when you 1) sell your domain or 2) win contests or splits. SH’s system is probably 80% set up already to be able to do this sort of thing. People could post their need and their $$ goal (anonymously). We creatives could loan $10, $20 or whatever if we want to help. When the person who asked for the money has money in their account, it is divided between those who invested until we get our money back. SH could contribute, too, of course.