Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update


As of today, West Virginia has no confirmed cases of this virus! But that doesn’t seem to stop people from hording!


NYC like a ghostown. Schools closed. Bars closed…which led to long lines at the liquor stores lol. Guess moms are gonna need some happy juice with the kiddos home on lockdown. All restaurants are closed but can still do deliveries…which has led to lots of people being laid off or let go from there jobs.
Let’s not even start on the grocery store free for all’s over toilet paper!


Life update in the US. We now have confirmed Covid 19 in every state. It’s so imperative to slow this down, self isolate. That gives the medical teams on the front lines the ability to care for the sick, slow down the contagion, get more ventilators.
I am wishing everyone here good health, lots of love and I hope we all make some much needed money here to tide us over. I am so incredibly grateful for sites like SquadHelp for that specific reason.
Be well - Namaste :purple_heart:


It would be helpful if SH could keep us updated on sales and inquiries so we can be informed about how the virus is impacting this industry.


In Kenya, amongst all the other preventative and containment measures, we have literally gone cashless. We are using E-Wallets


I get why. Money is so dirty. I worked as a bank teller/cashier and you would not believe the places people pulled their money out from. Including but not limited to wigs, bras, sneakers, underwear, socks. You get the picture lol


Pew-Wew…that’s aweful​:scream::scream::scream:


The forecast is for many to die globally and many many more to lose their jobs. The world as we know it today will never be the same again.

We are in the beginnings of a recession right now.

This is obviously going to effect our industry, and every other industry. Most industries will be effected negatively (not all). We are already seeing a lack of contests. The effect has been immediate. I’m sure SH won’t answer your question, but I suspect the effect in domain sales has been immediate too.

There are four schools of thought amongst domainers.

1). Everything is going to be fine. This will all blow over in a few months, I’ll just carry on as normal.

2). YAY, a chance to pick up domain bargains by those selling or dropping.

3). A chance to slim down my portfolio and sell the crud to those in group 1 and 2.

4). Sell everything now before the masses realize what is going on because in a month from now my entire portfolio will be worth nothing.

I suspect it depends on peoples realization of the situation, their personal finances, the stability of their job, their age and health and the health of their family, and whether or not they can afford to hold a portfolio of domains with little or no sales for months, potentially years as to which category they fall into.

As soon as the number of new cases daily starts to drop, the stock market will turn and we will all start building on that.

At 6.45am UK time 19 March:
Total confirmed cases 218,585
Fatal cases 8,943

I may update those figures over the coming weeks.

Good luck!


I think you need to remove the “…” You are only fueling panic. Just my opinion.


I’ve removed it simply because you asked me to @jackieheraty It doesn’t change the fact that I’m quoting official forecast figures, not some figures made up out of a newspaper.

I’ll leave this here instead:

The best form of defense is education.


Thanks @AbleBrands
I know you didn’t make it up…just you know how people are.


I got that :slight_smile:

Stay safe everyone.


In the short term this pandemic might mean less sales because people will be more cautious about spending and some won’t have the money to spend. On the other hand, when it’s dangerous outside- being able to work from home is something more and more people will be interested in. They’ll need domains. So in the long term this might be good for sales. It’s all specualtions at this point but either way, proceeding with caution and keeping risk to a minimum is wise.



Great analysis. Agreed, the world will never be the same, though I’m still optimistic the economy can recover in the long-term.

From a U.S. perspective, here are a few resources I think will be useful:

US Census business starts (quarterly)

Bloomberg Startup Barometer

NFIB Small Business Trends (monthly)

Crunchbase on the slowdown

Forbes - Startups in the age of the virus

I’ve also been monitoring weekly stats on Crunchbase.

It’s a challenging time for brandable domaining.

Hopefully SH will support the seller community by keeping us informed of general sales and inquiries trends.

Be well and hang in there, everyone.


In India, we have the first ever nation-wide lockdown (not imposed, but the PMs request) on 22nd, Sunday. We have been doing better than other countries as far as numbers are concerned, but more tests might disprove that especially when it’s the most densely populated country in the world. Market index have plummeted 35% (approx.) in the last three weeks and the threat looms large. This is recession and the worst part is that its duration is uncertain.

Let’s hope that new cases(worldwide) start decreasing in a matter of few months. That will ONLY happen with social distancing & self quarantine. So, advocate steps to one and all to ‘flatten the curve’.

I’m no motivator, but…
“Hope is a good thing. Maybe, the best of things and no good thing ever dies”
-Andy Dufrense (The Shawshank Redemption).

Stay positive & Help eachother. We can.


Prayers for all…here and around the world.Just got news that a case has been confirmed in my county of residence.Pray for my boy,who works at a farm supply store in that same town.Thankn s and Be Well in Jesus’ name💚


There are many correlations to investment risks. So, a person’s risk tolerance is a key in domaining as well.

I am personally not in so deep. I am in wait and see mode but continuing to evaluate.


My fair was cancelled, food sample job cancelled (they figured out how to not give unemployment) These are scary times times. But in this time of crises, I have a wonderful global community here and feel the urge to roll up my sleeves. I began coughing getting short of breath yesterday, There arent any tests and most of my family is in the high risk group. I was thinking, with all this turmoil, how can we, Squadhelp, be of service to our clients and one another? God speed to all of you.


Just got notice of the first case in my county and it is a 20 year old person! My county is vast but not very populated because it includes large wilderness areas/national forest. (Only 7 people per square mile-Denver has 4,044 people per square mile)


:grin::grin::grin: trust me he won’t hesitate to refund and send you back.