Copyright checking and quantity of entries

Great service, my first time using. A couple of issues with my contest submissions.

I paid for the premium $399 service, which claims that entries would be checked for copyrights. I thought this would save me some headaches and disappointment of checking on great sounding names, only to find they are already taken and trademarked. However, many of the submitted entries were not checked for trademarks :frowning: My first and second choices were both trademarked :frowning:

Second, for the premium price point I am supposed to get 1000 entries. But there were only 600 :frowning: Why didn’t I get 1000 like advertised?

So as great as your service is, I feel a bit misled. I didn’t get what was advertised on your sales page.

What is the official SquadHelp stance on this? Surely other customers must have had the same problem / pointed out the same thing?

Do I get a discount on my next contest or something? Feeling a bit cheated.



none of mine were rated so I only did 5 and then deleted them as there seemed no interest, the contest was not guaranteed so that might be why you didnt get so many entries also


Hi Jason,

If any contest receives less than the suggested number of entries (1000 in this case), we offer complimentary extension of contest if the contest holder hasn’t found a name they are looking for. So in this case, we would have extended the contest for few more days in case you hadn’t still found a winning name, and wanted more entries for your contest.

Regarding the Trademark feature, we offer a one click check of Trademark availability however we don’t block the entries from being submitted. This is because many contest holders want to see the details of who has the trademark and in which country before deciding whether to keep the name. Therefore, instead of blocking the entries which may have trademark, we show this information to the CH once they click on Trademark availability so they can decide whether they want to keep the name or not. We will note your feedback, and provide this as an option so the CH can request that the system block any names if there is already a Trademark.

We will follow up with you directly regarding your question about the discount for the next contest.

Hi Dan,
Thanks for your reply here. I wasn’t aware the contest could be extended :frowning: I wish I would have known that before I awarded the winner! The email informing me the contest had ended would have been a helpful place to communicate this. Now I know, but it seems too late to do anything about it :frowning:

I was also not aware of the one click copyright check. I see that now under the popup menu. Thank you for telling me about that, definitely a lot easier than manually searching the USPTO website for entries (what I was doing).