Cool movies--Has anybody ever seen the movie, "The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio"?

Can anybody else relate??


I saw this movie a while back and liked it. They brought the real children portrayed in it at the end. Until now, it seemed like nobody had seen it. :slight_smile:


Ha, it’s funny you should say that!

I’m the equivalent in the UK. I’ve won 49 holidays, 2 cars, countless white goods etc. Over £300K worth (about $400K) in 20+ years. I had lots of write ups in UK papers, here are a few…

It’s a GREAT hobby to get into, try it! I’ve never gotten around to watching the film, but I’ve read the book because I’ve been compared to her so many times. It’s very moving, and she was obviously as obsessive as I am about the hobby. I think being at SH is just an extension of that same obsession!


Impressive!! Does SH remind you of the “contesters” club?


For sure!! :slight_smile:


This is super inspiring. Thanks for sharing!! I love stories like this. It’s been a goal of mine to make a living winning contests but I always thought it was a pipe dream. I guess anything is possible! I’ll have to go and watch that movie now. :blush:


My husband rented it for me once because he thought I was following in her footsteps. I’ll have to “introduce” him to you, Able! Wow! Even more reasons to admire you.

That is such a moving movie. What an amazing lady.


That’s amazing! But even more amazing is after all these years… you’re a Woman! LOL. I don’t know why I thought you were a guy. Maybe because your screen name works for either. Should’ve guessed it since you’re always so willing to help with the knowledge you’ve gained. I’m glad we have some female powerhouse domainers here!


The problem with living in Australia, is that we don’t get access to a lot of entertainment thats available in the US and the UK. I have searched high and low for this movie and it is not available on the Australian version of Netflix, Stan, Prime, itunes, apple tv or any streaming service. :frowning: So I’ve ordered the book instead! Cant wait until it arrives. If anyone knows of any similar stories like this one, let me know! I LOVE to read and watch inspirational true stories, especially about women. It is lovely to see we have some very inspirational creatives here on this platform. Keep sharing. I LOVE this thread. Thank you x


I think you can see it for free on Pluto TV. Look in the “On Demand” part of the site. Or you can see it for cheap on Amazon, YouTube or Playstore.