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Hello everyone, it’s a well known fact that many of us has accumulated enough points with nothing much to write about, for instance as for me, I’m not that active in the marketplace and as such, I rarely use my point. I’m very sure that the problem is not limited to me alone, as I’ve seen several creatives with more than a hundred of thousands points. In my own opinion @grant and @Darpan I thought it will be good if we can convert our points to cash. Take for instance, 500 point can be converted to a dollar ($1) which to me I think it will give room for more commitment from we the creatives, knowing fully that even if we don’t win a contest, our points can be converted to cash. Additionally, it will also be a good idea if we can sell our points to Co creatives, some creatives are heavy users in terms of points, if such creatives decide to get more points one way or the other, we can sell to them. Just like seller to seller in the marketplace


I’l never sell 500 points for $1 :0)
But we know rule ‘You can use 500 points and $5 to renew your listings for another year, and keep the same commission rate as previous year’. It means 100 points maybe equal one dollar


100 points for a 1$ seems like a great deal to me. 🤷😁

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@Muyi4every I like the idea of converting points to cash. I agree that it would provide extra incentive for creatives. Some creatives are doing awesome with contest wins and domain name approval. But the truth is you can be doing good here and still not be winning enough to make the your time and effort worth it. Many of us enjoy what we do here on SH, but without some type of reward to justify our time good creatives may choose to limit there time or leave all together in lieu of more lucrative opportunities and the quality of creatives may drop drastically due to affiliate marketers making it sound like easy money. I don’t see how this is a good outcome for anyone. I think SH needs to spend some time in the area of rewarding us a little something for what is right now free from us.

I was actually just wondering if the idea of a tip button had ever been suggested. This way if a CH doesn’t want to go the bonus route but want a way to show their appreciation for our time and efforts they could leave us a tip. Maybe a $1 minimum and maximum cap if SH feels it necessary. There may be some creatives that would think it’s unfair, but this is life and tips are just as fair as choosing a winner. It would give more incentive for quality submissions as well.

@grant Any thoughts or feedback on allowing us some way to make a little cash for our hard work? I think most of us would be happy with something rather than nothing. Most of us don’t expect to make a full time living just some pocket change will do! :money_mouth_face:


I totally agree on the tip option. Creatives here really need more money from contests and there’s no point in recycling creatives (substitute the ones that give up with new ones), as SH already has here a huge mass of talented creatives that already know the processes involved and already have a long list of available .com’s. I’ve also proposed that recently (most likely it has been posted in the past too, I guess), but it got no feedback (maybe if it does, SH will decide to consider it).


@raresfarcas Did you propose it here in the forum? I just did a quick search and it seems the idea of tips hasn’t been brought up here. If it was it doesn’t show up in the search results or I just missed it. To me that means it’s not being discussed enough if at all. I would think majority of creatives would be on board with the idea. At the very least it should be on the table for discussion. I don’t see a downside to it and feel like it would definitely be a positive addition to the platform. I would be willing to listen to any reasons why it wouldn’t be good and then see how to improve the idea.

SH seems pretty attentive to creatives suggestions so I hope they will open this up for serious consideration.


@Commulinks You have been with SH for a long time and I’ve seen some of your suggestions actually get implemented. I feel like you have good ideas and good intentions, I have much respect for you. Plus you have the advantage of knowing what it’s like on both sides of a contest. I would love to hear your thoughts on some type of tipping system. I understand there is a bonus that can be awarded, but I’m thinking more along the lines of not paying to use our ideas and not necessarily a large amount, just something with perhaps a $1 minimum that a CH can show their appreciation for our efforts.

I imagine you would probably know if this was ever considered in the past. And if so, the reason SH decided against it.


Thank you so much Dbedio. No, I have never seen this topic come up nor has Squadhelp ever implemented something the same as this. I will tell you as a contest holder, that they are reminded all the time that they can give bonuses. As I recall, it was every time I logged in, there was a note on my contest that I could increase my prize or give bonuses. I know that is not the same. But, I will also say that the concept of bonuses is a little steep when you consider how much CHs already pay for their contest packages (something we need to remember is that they pay a lot more than just the prize amount). And if I could have done something like tipping, I would have done it for sure! For example, if I could have put $50 in the pot and split it between say 5 contestants, I would have loved to be able to do that. We need to ask @Grant how much the minimum “bonus” is on the CH site, because I can’t remember if there is one… I think there was…and it was $50. Anyway, I think this is a really nice idea. I know some CHs feel bad that they can only choose one winner, too… and I certainly felt that way…but my budget was really tight.


Recently on the ‘‘how to improve the site’’ :slight_smile: Regarding amount, I was thinking at 5 to 10$, maybe? 1 is worthless, really :smiley: 10 is definitely an affordable way for contest holders to show appreciation for 1-2 contestants that came up with some nice ideas. The bonus is of a higher value (50% of contest prize - I guess it’s the same percent for higher than 100$ contest prizes?!) and it also means taking over rights of a specific entry, if I’m not mistaken (I’ve received a bonus once and that was the case). It might not bring much to the table, but I’m sure the more dedicated creatives will enjoy receiving it from time to time. And for at least some of the contest holders, some little extra, voluntary payment would definitely not hurt their budget (for some is really this or pay many times more for the creative agency down the street).


@Commulinks Thanks for the response. It really helps to have the input from you since you have been on the CH side too. With the length of your experience here I figured if there were any obvious reasons this couldn’t be implemented you would know and point it out. I’m glad to know SH reminds the CH they can give bonuses, but like you had said with being on a tight budget… I think there are probably more CHs that are working with limited funds than one’s with larger or unlimited budgets. I don’t know how often bonuses are awarded but I wonder if that in your face type of reminder is helping or hurting the amount given. Personally I hate feeling hounded to give money. I feel like gentle reminders are more effective. If we could get tips maybe a little reminder once or twice throughout the contest and then one at the end or when a winner is picked. Kinda like when a band finishes their show at bar and they say, “Don’t forget to tip your bartenders.” :rofl:

Hopefully @grant will jump in on the discussion soon and we can get an idea if SH is willing to consider something like this.

@raresfarcas I understand why you think $5-10 would be good, but the reason I suggested a minimum of $1 is because I feel the CH no matter what their budget would be more likely to tip essentially leading to more creatives getting tips, which is the main objective IMO. The $1 would just be the lowest though so if they wanted to tip $2,3,5,10 maybe even 20 they could do so. I’m sure SH would want to put a cap on it so the bonus option would still be an attractive option to the contest holder. And if you participate in a lot of contests even a dollar adds up, but I’m sure most CHs would tip over the minimum if they were given the option.

@grant Would love your thoughts on this, especially since the number of entries per contest are pushing 1500 or more now. We’re going to need some type of incentive to keep submission quality high.


@Dbedio Thanks for your feedback. We will keep this in mind as we explore additional opportunities for creatives to earn more money on our platform.


Wow great idea! Never thought about it before, giving tips to creatives sounds like appreciation and thank them more! Thank you for ur ideas.


Thank you for the consideration @grant. I do think a small minimum would be a good way to go and that it would increase the likelihood for the CH to tip. It’s a great way to show appreciation in many other industries. To my knowledge no other naming platforms offer it to their creatives, so that’s just one more positive thing that would set SH apart from the rest. Happy workers are good workers and tend to go above and beyond. Something like this would only enhance the the great reputation SH already has. Thank again grant for your time. I truly hope to hear more on this in the future!


To be honest I’m really shocked to hear it hasn’t been brought up before. This is a community of awesomely creative people, so I was surprised to say the least. The title of this thread grabbed my attention because I was thinking about a tip button or something the past few days. This was the first I came across anything close to that idea in the forum. :crossed_fingers: Hoping to see more on this in the future. The sooner the better IMO. :moneybag:


anyone receive any tips yet? I haven’t been too active recently so I was wondering how the implementation of this feature is doing.


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