Continually changing the contest brief, aargh!

I’m looking at several contests right now where the CH in mid-contest requested some names with seemingly unrelated words (to the brief), and is now back saying they don’t want that word anymore, and has marked everything with a NTY rating! This is my cue to step smartly aside and no longer participate… But what do other creatives feel about contests which pivot, then NYT and re-pivot again? Do you get invigorated to re-participate, or do you just fold and walk??


I’ll be honest.
It makes me suspicious when a CH does this.
At minimum, it tells me that the CH can’t make decisions.
I typically walk away from anything in those two categories.


I totally agree. When they are narrowing in and focusing is one thing, but wild changes means it is a waste of time and to move on. I have a suspicion that something from SH may prompt some of these wild requests and out of the blue pivots as many of CHs often use the same wording.


Good point that this type of CH is likely less able to make a decision in the end. I had also noted that CHs who keep constantly brief / word changing, also often extend the contest several times. Sometimes to the point of having over 3000 (or 4000!) entries. No wonder in the end they can feel overwhelmed and then the contest can get abandoned.


I believe its possible for them to see enough of one word or direction and request a change, or to realize the orig emotions/directions were not exactly what they thought. Important for new people and us oldies to read messages. They are there, to ask questions that will benefit ALL creatives simultaniously and be less taxing to the client. This, if you are new, is where your questions belong, not under your submissions or private and that is the only thing that should be happening in that space btw.

I’m not a fan of longer contests. Probably on me cause I give my all in first few days. I’ll go 3-4 tops. The guidelines do advice us to wait and check for changes. Some briefs are better than others more details and directions. Others give too much… where you cant pin it. 10 emotions they align with doesn’t make it easy to narrow focus. 1 leads to rating burnout Im sure. I do love ch participation rather than none, and love working with them, however, I do recall one, where the ch seemed to be brainstorming with us and enjoying it, different emotions etc. In that case it changed almost hourly, ended up abandoned. I participated till probably the 7th, then realized they couldn’t let go of the creative process. Probably would have enjoyed being a creative. Hell I change my forum responses when Im lengthy at least four times, but then again, wink, decision making isn’t my strong suit either.

I often feel it is my error to go with their emotions. For contest holders, it is better to include an explanation if the change is wild, than to just throw it out there, helps with trust. I wish I knew brief building process and prompts. Do we have videos on ch perspective? The process for them? I think it would be great for creatives to hold a mock contest, complete with sh prompts, offers and having to rate ourselves, a demo we can do? Through SH, not all of us doing one sheesh. I often wish CH could see thing from our side, lets say, a mushed up complete contest from our side in an hour, lol… though how we can get across what if feels like to wait two months with nary a word I dont know. Id love the see a sentence to creatives on contest end popup. Dear creatives my company is…waiting on a board meeting… or whatever, please expect a decision no later than….something. Along with a second message, this is where we are at like a week later. Maybe a video and interview a few of us on our process that they can watch?