Contests closed -finalizing winner - domain checker link gone

Why is the domain checker link to our entries disabled after a contest is closed and/or finalizing winners?
When a contest is open, we can click on our entry list and the domain checker says “domain available” or “taken”, but on the closed and finalizing winners, this link is disabled. Now it’s a pain in the “arse” to have to copy and paste all the entries and go to godaddy to see of they are still available. Can you keep the link on them, why are they disabled?

@jackieheraty, can you give an example of a contest where this option is disabled? This would allow us to check this issue further.

The domain checker should be visible even if the contest is closed/pending winner selection. The only scenario where we don’t show this option is if the contest holder has not requested a domain to be available (for example, in case of product name contests where they are looking for a product name without the .com URL)

I am an idiot. I must have been looking coincidentally at both closed and finalizing contests that were both were NOT needing a domain. I just checked and he rest worked. Sorry to have wasted your time. Is there way to delete this thread. No need for it. Sorry again!

Jose–go back to the nation…everyone misses you there and you turned into a jelly head…