Contest Title Clarity

@Grant @Darpan I know that this has been discussed before but, what the heck.

Contest Titles listed on the active contest page. Why is there no uniformity to them?
Not quite sure how, but something has got to be better than what it is now. Especially when a CH has a naming, tagline and logo contest all going one after the other or sometimes simultaneously. The main problem is…the contest may change from name to logo but the original title does not. And the “I need a real cool name for my new…” are much better suited to be part of their actual brief. I am aware that it say logo in small letters next to the original title.
Maybe a system as standard titles such as:
Naming: Digital Media
Tagline: Real Estate
Just like the drop down list we use with our entries instead of these big descriptive titles.


That you for your thoughts on this. I see what you’re saying. We’ll discuss this internally, and see what we can do.