Contest Submissions

Why does the system mention that I’m limited to 3 entries per contest even though I was able to submit up to 10 entries simultaneously? The problem here is that if I retract a submission, the system won’t allow me to replace the submission with a new domain. Please explain this inconsistency @grant

Hey Mate, looks like that’s a limit of 3 Premium Domains - so one’s that are available on the domain marketplace. I’d say you would be able to submit 10 domains that aren’t listed on the marketplace.

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Thanks for jumping in. However, I’m always able to submit up to 10 premium domains per contest as long as they’re submitted simultaneously. Consider it a loophole.

On the other hand, if I only submit 3 premium domains at once, for example, the system will block me from submitting additional domains. To tackle this problem, just retract the 3 submissions and re-include them while submitting 10 premium domains, being the maximum the form will accept.

So Squadhelp’s rules and the software itself are totally inconsistent with one another.

What happened earlier was that I wanted to submit a premium domain to a contest that I had already submitted 10 premium domains to. So what I did was retract a submission, thereby leaving me with 9 premium domains and room for a replacement. However, the system wouldn’t allow the replacement because it recognized that I had already submitted “the max of 3 premium names per contest”. See what I mean? That’s pretty flawed…

Ah yep fair call. Hopefully SH can sort it out for you.

I’m curious, how do you submit 10 simultaneously?


Just keep clicking on “Add More Entries” like you normally would. Don’t click on SUBMIT until you’ve submitted the maximum number of domain submissions allowed by the system which was 10 the last time I checked (unless Grant read this thread in silence and already fixed it).

For context, the contest where I tried to replace my submission was the third one at the bottom of this image. I couldn’t add a tenth submission after removing a domain.

I wondered if that was what you meant. I always understood that feature as something to only be used if the CH was willing to accept other domain extensions and you were submitting essentially the same name with different domain extensions.

I have a limit on how many premium names I am allowed to submit and always have because I have never used that feature that way.


Why would you submit the same name with other extensions? That’s not how this works and it would make no sense to do so. You usually only have the option to submit .com domains based on what contest holders want. Make sure to read up on how contests work. What you see is the same as what I see. I always only submit premium names from my own portfolio.

Yes, the same name with other extensions if the CH has said they would accept them.

And we have submission limits, too. One form filled out (I thought) was considered one submission - meaning one name. Can you even get ratings on each name doing it the way you are doing? I don’t remember. When I submit like I said I do (one name, different extensions and sometimes different spellings), I think I only get one rating per entry (form filled out). Hmmmmm… I haven’t done it in a while so maybe I need to look again.

I have been here a long time and never saw this in the rules that we can submit 10 different names with one form. Intersting.


It doesnt say it in the rules that you can submit more than 3 names. Thats my point. You just have try things on your own to see what works. Yes these names can get rated the way I do.Just click on “add more entries” in the form…


There’s a new algorithm in place- I can’t even submit more than 3 regular ideas at once.
To start I usually do 5 to 7 ideas and I can’t do that anymore- so it’s not just on premium submissions.


what I wondered was, if you d9 other extensions same name, or with different modifier to get ext, does ch get rights to all three?

They can only choose one winner from those subbed, so technically no.

I’m pretty sure that they are supposed to pay for each extension that they plan to register. Just like if they chose two different names from a contest. The second entry is supposed to be paid


If people want different extensions, they’ll hand reg them on their own in addition to acquiring the dot com.