Contest Submission Limits


Agreed @Edukar that blocks should not be held against the creative. If a creative is blocked after one or two submissions and another is blocked after 20 that doesn’t seem fair that the block would carry the same weight for both. To my knowledge I haven’t been blocked yet, so I don’t know how much difference it makes in someone’s score. I am assuming a block carries the same weight for everyone. Actually I wish there was a little more information on how different things influence our percentiles. A contest, that was actually the most entries I’ve ever submitted because the CH continued to ask for more, I had 25 entries I think and they were rated variously to help me with the direction they were going for. In the end I won the contest but they changed all the ratings to no thank you for every entry I submitted besides the winning one. I have no idea what affect that had on my percentile because I was quite active and my score fluctuated from various ratings in multiple contests.


As for the Submission limits I think they seem fair. I haven’t every used 40, but it’s nice to have them if I would need them. Sometimes I don’t even use 5, but 5 should be enough to either receive a high rating and be granted more entries or find that maybe you just don’t “click” with a contest, in which case more entries wouldn’t be much help anyway.

Pertaining to bad behavior of some creatives… I agree with @AvramChe that discipline is lacking. There are many clear violations of policy, and overall lack of professionalism by some creatives. I feel if a person disregards their responsibility to read the policies and rules of conduct prior to entering contests then they need to be disciplined for this lack of professionalism. In turn they can choose to respect that SH is a business and conduct themselves accordingly or be restricted from participating on the platform for repeat offenses.

I respect everyone’s opinion and I’m truly grateful to be part of such an amazing community. It’s not often to find discussions online where there is such a difference in opinions at times, yet a mutual respect for one another. It restores my faith in humanity. Each and everyone of you are an inspiration! :blush: