Contest Message Feature Problem?

Is there something wrong with the contest message feature? I keep seeing random messages from both CHs and Contestants that show there are messages happening in private and answers in public.


I’ve been noticing this too. I’ve seen it about 4 times now, in different contests.


@Grant is there an issue on the messaging where some messages are going through as private instead of public?

I am having trouble opening public message link on contests pages.Also getting messages from sh that I don’t think I opted into get, like when a contest pauses/unpauses (Imma double check that),it’s not a problem me getting them. I haven’t gotten any creatives messages tho.

@Marye5 - Contest Paused messaging is a new feature that we’ve recently added. It was requested by several creatives. I believe it’s part of our core messaging, which means it’s not an optional message. If you can send a screenshot of the public messaging issue to the SH support team using the chat function on any page of our website, we can send the issue over to our development team and get it fixed.

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@Commulinks @Kral

Are you able to send a link of the instances where you’re seeing messaging issues? We’d like to fix this right away, but cannot find the issue. Please send this via the chat function of the website, and the team will get it over to our engineers asap.

Thanks I wasn’t aware it was an added feature. The other issue is working now. Thank you, if I have any more issues I will use blue button.

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@grant/ @Dan
When we leave a comment in the entry section explaining name, etc. Does the ch get the comment immediately in an email, or do they have to go directly to their entries to view message? Is it like when a ch replies in public comment. …I get that reply immediately in an email?..Thanks!