Contest listed on another site

What do you do if you see the exact same contest listed on another site??? Should a contest be listed on multiple sites?

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err enter it and hope you win


Angel Sykes, SH is not the contest holder. The contest holder will often run the name quest on multiple sites in order to get the best name for their business. It’s not unusual


they havent realized its the same people on every site doing the naming lol


Thanks y’all. That’s what I was thinking… That it would probably be the same people naming on each site… Just wasn’t sure.

I just ran across this situation, I believe the same contest is running on another site. I’m packing this one

Mary I think I know the contest of which you speak.
While it is not unusual at all for the client to hold their contest on multiple sites to get the best selection, and I have no problem with that at all as it is their business they are trying to name, this one is kinda weird.
They seem to have opened it up 2x on another site and 1x on this one. And this one is not a guaranteed one so I am a bit nervous as well.

@LorinRyle Which one is that?

It is the pay tool for school use. It is listed twice in a row on another site

Hopefully CH listed it twice by mistake. Anyways, thanks, I won’t put too much effort in this one then.

They are asking for short names to support their target brand, there isn’t a whole of options to satify the high demand so to speak.

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@Dan. I hadn’t noticed that the contest being discussed here wasn’t guaranteed until I just read Lorin’s comment. I went back to my entries page and saw that all my entries were marked “not seen yet”. I withdrew all of my entries and now I am wondering if the CH still has some sort of “saved” view of my withdrawn entries? Good time to clarify this. Best regards…cpn

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@CherryPopNames, once the entry has been withdrawn, they can no longer be seen by the CH. However, please note, that if the CH had exported the entires previously to excel or printed them, it is possible that they still might have a listing of those entries.

@dan Have CHs always been able to export all names in excel format, or was it implemented just recently? I didn’t know this, good thing @CherryPopNames brought it up.

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@Front, this is not a new feature - has been around for a while.

Does SH track this? Might correlate with abandoned contests.


Not an ability that I am so happy to hear they have…


@Front, no we do not track this. If the CH really wants to “take” the names in an unauthorized manner, there are several ways for them to take note of names submitted to their contest (for example, they can print them, copy/paste them to a different file, take a screenshot of the entries section, or simply write down the good names). Exporting to excel is a feature that makes it useful for them to review the submissions with their peer groups or selection committees. We will continue to add features that make the platform easier to use for both contest holders and contestants.

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I believe it is available to CH’s on most (if not all) sites. Often the CH has to consult with others before a decision is made. Logically it makes sense that they have the ability to present a list to others.

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@dan I see that and I know that, that’s why I did not mention that. :slight_smile: