Contest identifier

Hello, Is it possible to assign a number or unique identifier to each contest so that we can easily locate or make note of them? I think this would be helpful when there are similar contests and would make it much easier to keep track each one (for my anyway). If this already exists could you please tell me where I find it. Thank you.

Hi @ChristyMay - it does exist. When you click on a contest and open it, it looks like this: is here/Name of contest is here

But I didn’t find where you could search by contest number.

Thank you @Commulinks that helps a little bit :smiley:

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It is a little strange that we can’t search by number on My entries page… it is a great idea

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It would make it a bit easier to keep track of contests and which names have been entered in which contests…and reported domains…etc…etc… I find the titles are too similar and the number in the URL is very cumbersome to find. @Grant is this something that could possibly be added ??? Thanks.

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@ChristyMay @Commulinks

Let’s open this up to the community to make sure it would be widely used. If it’s something that is in demand, we can certainly build it.

All - Please let us know if you’d like the ability to search contests by ID # on the My Entries Tab. If we have a lot of interest, I’ll add this to our Development List.


This is a great idea. I say Yes!

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Very useful idea. I’d sure use it.