Contest holders who don't rate entries

This may be a common issue but, since I’m new here, I wanted to see if anyone has any advice.

I’ve entered about a dozen contests. In most cases, the contest holders have viewed my entries but not rated them. Not even a “No Thanks.” In one case, the contest ended without the CH even viewing them. Without any kind of feedback, it’s difficult to add and withdraw entries. I’m not complaining they don’t like my entries. I word in Marketing and PR so I can take rejection. I’m complaining they’re not giving even the smallest amount of feedback. Or in some case, not even seeing them.

This kind of holds that entry hostage for being used in someone else’s contest. If I used the entry in multiple contests, what happens if one CH who hasn’t rated the entry suddenly makes it a winner. Do the same entries in other contests get automatically withdrawn at the point?

I’d love to see a mechanism whereby CH’s are prodded, reminded or even required to rate every entry in timely manner.


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Unfortunately, it happens quite often, Joey - The only advice I have is that you “diplomatically” ask the CH (in the Comments area) if it’s "OK to delete the entries that he or she has not viewed or rated.

… Sometimes that question serves as a polite nudge, and sometimes it helps, and sometimes it doesn’t. :wink:


Joey, CHs have VASTLY improved their ratings and interactions over the last year because SH has done a whole lot of things to encourage them. At this point, it is much more unusual for a CH to not rate entries at all. I think if you entered more than dozens of contests you would probably see that these kinds of CHs are now more in the minority. But it does happen. I don’t let unrated entries stop me. SH discourages (highly) entering the same name in multiple contests. However, I have never had a CH choose my name while it was active in another contest. What I would do in that case is to withdraw it from others if it wins. It’s easy to do. Keep on keeping on. You’ll see that more CHs communicate a LOT than those who don’t at all. But I NEVER withdraw my name from a contest unless there is some other problem with it… (I have reasons of my own that I withdraw names). PS: the platform will stop you from entering a name in a new contest that is still being considered as a like or love in another. For me, it is the CH that loves my name the most that should get precedence. But it just doesn’t happen. Like everyone, I have names that I consider to be my premiums. I WILL withdraw a name from a contest if a higher value contest comes along and that name is perfect for that one and the other CH has been unresponsive.


And as an added note, I have never seen anyone who encouraged the CH to rate entries win the contest. Not saying it hasn’t happened, I’ve just never seen it. Maybe others can recall a contest where this encouragement lead to winning.

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Haha this made me think of something I posted over a year ago.

This was in regards to asking CHs to rate. There was more to my post that basically said that I don’t see a problem with a comment encouraging the CH to rate as long as it’s respectful and not repeated by others.

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I don’t have a problem with people encouraging CH’s to rate. I hope they do, I’m just not going to do it because you never win. I’m not poking the bear, you poke it…I’ll be right behind you…honest.

Usually, the ones wanting ratings are the ones that can only submit 5 names at a time and I can see why they would like to see their submissions rated. But then again, I have seen unrated entries win, it happened a few days ago.

There’s usually 59 other contests to enter, I can easily move on. That’s what I usually do.

Some contests only the ones they prefer are rated. Some they rate only at the end. Some are on a lot rating entries and keep up with hundreds of names. I think maybe if they are pressed for time they skim through and just rate the ones they like. They may have a name they love already but just want to keep some names coming ‘just in case’. Or they may be unsure of a name and will come back later. Those just seem to be my observations. Don’t worry too much. Just try entering different contests. You can just let the entries stay and see what happens. You never know if they will come back out of the blue and rate it high. Hope this helps :slight_smile: Take care!


Thanks everyone. FINALLY got some ratings, several ‘Love it’s’ and few Short listed. Fingers crossed.