Contest Holders wanting 10 Letters Or Less

@grant Do you think SH might consider raising this to 12 letters or less? So many of the CH do away with the restriction after a day or two anyway but it should enable us to be able to submit more entries overall into the contests.

The amount of times I’ve had the PERFECT 11 letter domain is unbelievable! :anguished:


Not too long ago, @AbleBrands, SH raised the letter limit from 8 to 10! I think SH should have a mandatory $200 prize attached to 10 letters or less name for the amount of work that goes into producing such a short name as that. @grant, what do you think of that?


Actually I think 10 letters or less should be $250 and here is why:

  • It’s not $200
  • It’s not $300
  • Domain names for 10 letters or less are usually worth at least $1000
  • 10 letters or less take more time
  • A higher amount usually means a CH will put more time, effort, and concerted choice into choosing what is best for them.
  • 10 letters or less require a lot more effort
  • 10 letter or less domain names are more likely and capable to be registered in a shorter and more frequent basis and highly impact on our IP (for those of us that can’t afford to register our names)
  • 10 letters or less often include real words or compound/blends of two words which are then even harder to TM depending on industry which means that creatives working with the SH trademark checker or a free trademark checker still have a chance of being told yes and then no on their names because of such and also places more trouble on both the CH and creative.
  • 10 letters or less means that MANY of those entering are going to be told No, Thank You left, right, and center because it is hard making a ten letter or less name be easily pronouncable, easily spellable, unique, fitting to the brief, fitting to the business, fitting to the genre, fitting to the target audience, etc – which means taking high level of rejection, working harder, dealing with the ch getting frustrated, etc.

But this is just my opinion.


I really do wish that SH would take a re-look at the pricing and yet I know that it would drive business to those other sites and I think we’d all rather have the contests over here than any of the other sites. I never participate on any other platform anymore. They were a total waste of my time. SH has more business for a reason… and part of it is probably pricing. Keep in mind that CHs pay a lot more than $100 for a contest, too.

I will say, however, that unless I have a super great idea for $100 contest that is under 10 characters that comes to me easily, I don’t participate. When it starts being 8 characters or less, must have the word “fill in the blank” in it and must be a .com domain on a blue moon on a Sunday in the rain… I move on. Sometimes I get back to them, oftentimes I don’t, but I do TRY to get to them. But the CHs are told what to expect in terms of the number of entries for their price level.


When we moved the letter limit from 8 to 10, we looked at a lot of different factors, and settled on 10 letters. We probably won’t revisit this in the very near future, but we’re always upon to positive improvements.