Contest holders rating less after "Generic feedback messages" implemented?

I am getting the sense that overall CHs rate significantly less entries than from before this change was implemented. I wonder if having to select generic feedback messages (Too generic, too long etc) for rejecting or rating each entry is more of a burden/time drain on the CHs that they are rating way less in general? I prefer that they rate maximum number of entries and give entry specific feedback, rather than select generic feedback messages which are not helpful most of the time, after having seen this in action for a while.

Anybody else notice the same trend?


Yes I have noticed this too. Personally I feel like it is way too time consuming -I prefer the old system where a rating was just that. …all changes are not good.Getting robotic feedback feels more impersonal than just getting an undesirable rating,if you will. JHIF about it.


I have thought the same thing.I would say as high as 80% of my entries are not being rated at all. Plus I have commented before,that the generic feedback to me is not helpful…but in fact rather insulting at times. I could definitely do without it.I feel that if you require the CH to do too much, then they get frustrated or discouraged,also shown by how many contests I am trending or getting high ratings in,that I have noticed look as if they are abandoned.Something is making the CH’s at times walk away from the contests. I agree with you Lightless…that would be my preference too.Less can be more.


Although there are a few things about this because it seems that the .generic feedback doesn’t seem to be mandatory. The only reason I say this is because I have had several that I’ve had to go chasing down just because if a CH doesn’t use the GF feature, then you don’t get notification of them in your ratings feed. So there is a chance that this isn’t a mandatory thing unless several are still squeezing past. I’ve also shared my thoughts about this before and all I can say is I agree and feedback is essential not this, maybe, but something but then that would take even more time, in comparison. The old system people weren’t getting feedback and that’s how this came to be. So it’s a rock and hardplace.


I know I definitely get less “personalized feedback” since the change. To me, a unique comment shows the CH is really invested, so I work harder on those contests. The robot-comments are ok, but I don’t feel they affect my entries much, because getting a bunch of “anymore ideas?” Is really just the same as the old yellow faces.


Most of the time the generic feedback doesnt jive with the entry, its like the ch just picks one to get it out of the way, good call LL


It doesn’t seem mandatory, but if in selecting generic feedback messages for ratings we get fewer ratings overall, the system isn’t helpful. IMHO getting all entries rated is always the first priority, then entry specific feedback.

I haven’t found generic feedback messages of any use. With rated entries, at least we can get a direction or a few words/angles/concepts to pursue. Hence it worries me when a large chunk of entries don’t get rated at all.


I know that SH implemented this because we kept asking for more feedback on NTYs so I really hate to say this because I know SH is trying so hard… but I agree. And I especially don’t like that NTYs with no generic reason are not in the notifications (like rare said, I’ve asked about this before, too). At the same time, I know I myself complained about having too many NTYs in my notifications. So I feel like I am putting SH between a rock and a hard place by even commenting!

But here’s something else that I realized (about myself, not implying this for others)… the NTY generic feedback messages are taking valuable time from me that I could be spending on other contests where I get helpful feedback and keep going back to try to improve. With limited time to spend on SH, I find myself looking backward WAY TOO MUCH. It is irresistible to me when I see a message on my notifications to not take time to go see what it says… only to find “doesn’t follow the brief”… then I go try to figure out what about that name “didn’t follow the brief” and most of the time I can’t solve that puzzle. So there, I just spent an extra 5 minutes on a contest that was futile for me because I just don’t get what they are talking about.

I am trying SO HARD to move FORWARD on SH and not spend so much time looking backward to see when 'that contest" may finally choose a winner, etc. I’ve got to get more efficient at this!!!

Sorry so long! Didn’t mean to do that!


Yes, this is spot on. Especially for creatives who are approaching most contests. I felt that pull too when I was doing more on here. If I could only just hover over the mark!

…also agree that this snap feedback is lowering feedback in general.

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I’m just going to leave this here,

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Please add me to the list of going back to the system where CHs just click one of the 4 choices. I think the more we ‘give them to do’ the less likely they will do it, and it’s about them, not us. I too feel it is affecting the amount of ratings.


I can’t say to go back, I’m one of the ones that didn’t get ratings and or feedback before this system. Now the only feedback I’m getting usually is those GF messages but at least sometimes it gives me a little direction and I’ve been able to turn NTYs into likes and even LOVES! (just did it 4 times yesterday, actually, for a contest) in a few cases. But people now want to go back to a system that didn’t work for so many of us (without offering ways to improve the chances of getting feedback in that case) and actually filled up many threads with people saying they weren’t getting ratings, they weren’t getting feedback, felt they were wasting time, etc. I’m under the full belief that certain things should be made better or improved rather than going back to an option that also did not work and also had people upset. Several people have said this about other issues as well and if we can’t go back on those and it’s rathered to try to improve those or allow them to remain, maybe this should be seen the same way.

So maybe see my previous post and that thread and let’s discuss possible ways to make this better, or go back but at least give ways we can improve feedback if we do, lets make it better if possible or have ideas at the ready because there is an underlying issue here that affects creatives and CHs in many ways. Simply put – feedback helps a creative be able to define a direction to better connect with the CH and offer them a better selection that has evolved with what the CH is looking for and therefore can ultimately shape the entries the CH receives and give them a better experience and better names and help them to find the perfect name. Feedback, though, has to be understood will take more time. But I’ve mentioned this before, at some point certain understandings are going to have to be reached by CHs – if they want a better experience, it may take just a little bit more time but with that little bit more time and attention, it can really work for them and we, as creatives, are always willing to go the extra mile, we just wouldn’t know when to or even how to unless things are shared with us. So, this feature has been a step, a step that can maybe work just may need improving, or if anyone else has ideas on how to go back but still take these things in mind, then maybe we can do that. But, much like the ratings some are seeking, things need feedback. This is your chance to give feedback. Let’s define a direction, not just give SH a “No, Thank You”.

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You are so right, @rareworthy. Thank you for saying this. I have given lots of ideas on so any subjects but you are so right… if we don’t have a solution other than “go back” then we should just keep trying to think of solutions. Bravo.