"Contest Holder Edited Details"


When a Contest Holder changes the Brief or any aspect of their contest, when it shows on the Discussion Tab, it says “Contest Holder edited details for: Maximum Domain Words, Desired Extension(s)” etc. Or simply “Contest Holder edited details for: Brief Description.”

My suggestion would be that added to that information, you implement a way to see what was changed (e.g. Highlight the changes, have a button for “History of Brief Changes”, “Changes Log”, or new things written in another color). That is because sometimes Contest Holder maybe erases a typo or sometimes the changes are relevant to the contest, but there’s no way we can remember every brief and what was written on them before the changes.

Please and Thank you.



@JCaceres, thanks for the suggestion. It has been brought up earlier as well, and is already on our roadmap. We will have something in place soon, that would provide a better visibility into the changes made to the brief or other aspects of contest.


Thank you, @Dan.

Sorry if repeated topic.