Contest Costs and Prizes


Why is the minimum contest for naming $199 ($100 to the creative) and for logos $299 ($150 to the creative)?

No offence meant to the logo creators (your logos are knock out guys, really) but why does SH think a logo is more important than a name? I understand that it takes time to create a logo, but great available names are becoming more scarce by the day and many of us spend just as much time on our naming contests as the logo creators do I’m sure.

It must feel weird to the CH too that a naming contest will get 200+ entries (for their $199) yet a logo contest only gets 30+ (for $299).

The marketplace is up and running nicely and CHs can see what a premium name costs now, isn’t it time SH increased the minimum contest price?

Thanks for your consideration.


Thank you for your thoughts @AbleBrands. We think that every CH should launch a Platinum or above contest with a $300 award amount, and we love to see CHs increase their award to $500+. But the truth is that pricing is much more complicated than the value that we believe a name or logo should demand. Our pricing is based on concrete learnings that we have had over the last 6+ years. We will continue to test various aspects of the business, and this may be something that we revisit in the future.


Not the answer I wanted but thank you anyway! :slight_smile:


@AbleBrands I agree with you of course and I also hope SH will eliminate non guaranteed contests too at some point (like you, I also use them only to submit marketplace domains), but to SH’s credit- a few years ago there were still $50 naming contests and open contests where everybody could see what everybody else was submitting (which became a copyfest of any entry the CH liked). You could also count the number of $150 or higher monthly contests on one hand and you’d still have fingers to spare. So things are way way way better than they used to be and kudos to SH for implementing so many positive changes.