Contest Awarded To

3 guys shortlisted, 4 other guys awarded.

What happens in cases like these?
What is being awarded?
What are the decision criteria?

@Porti and @BillQ, “it has been a privilege playing with you tonight.”

Congratulations to the guys picked up by SH Carpathia. :wink::+1: :champagne:


It does seem like a mistake by SH or its software. The prize should be split among the 3 shortlisted creatives. Probably, this will be corrected and you’ll get your share.
Maybe there is some criteria which I don’t know about. So, let’s see what SH says.


I won’t go into details so others don’t abuse this option, but this might be CH’s decision.


Was this contest abandoned? Then the three shortlisted would split after 30 days.
If this contest was still be handled by the Contest Holder, then there is no automatic shortlist winners.
Sometimes if a CH cannot use any of the names submitted (even ones they love), they will ask SHadmin if the prize can be split between a few creatives who they felt were really putting their all into the contest.
Do not assume there is cheating going on.
Also I have won a contest with a No Thank You rating, where there were loves, likes and shortlists.


I’ve had this happen once before and it is very disappointing. Not just because you aren’t receiving a win or a split prize, but also because the shortlisted entry may have been tied up for weeks or months while the contest was pending. Perhaps SH could note in the CH instructions that, while of course they can split the prize however they want, it would be more considerate to remove shortlisted entries if they do not intend to award anything to those creatives.


Thanks guys for your input! :heartpulse:

This doesn’t happen often, it would be nice to have some kind of information (public message, Cha-Ching-esque) if it was due to objective reasons (completely new direction, namewise) or subjective reasons (a feeling that the others were putting their all into the contest). I could learn something from the experience. That’s all.


They used to put a message in the message tab explaining the contest holders wishes and why or that the contest was abandoned and who it was split amongst.
Not sure if they still do.


They have put up the message now on the contest page. Hard luck @larimar


The ideal outcome for every contest is for CH to select a winner. If the CH does not select a winner, our goal is to keep the process as fair as possible for everyone involved:

  • If the CH decided on a name that was not submitted to a contest, we ask the CH to identify the entries that inspired them the most in their decision. In that situation, we distribute the award among those entries that inspired the CH.

  • If the CH decided on a name that was not inspired by any submissions, or if the CH did not decide on any name at all, we ask the CH to still identify the top creatives who came the closest in the brainstorming process. In those situations, we distribute the award among those creatives.

  • If the CH does not provide any input for the final selection, we handle the award as per our Abandoned Contest process.

During the first two cases, it is certainly possible that the award distributed may not be among only those names that were shortlisted. We do not ask the CH to remove the other shortlisted entries in order to keep the process as transparent and trackable as possible. This way, the creatives can easily go back to their prior contests, and see which of their submissions were previously shortlisted. These insights are valuable to many creatives.


Yes, a simple way to inform us what was the deciding factor,
if the message had been there yesterday, I wouldn’t have started this topic.

It’s OK @Nick,
my mojo is back! :sunglasses: Tomorrow is a new day - fresh start!

Thank you so much for the reply,
I really and truly appreciate it.


Love your positive vibe Larimar
Your an inspiration


Thanks @MaddydeBeer
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you’re my inspiration too! :hugs:

Thanks guys so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences. :+1:

My deep conviction that this platform is miraculous hasn’t faltered one bit. :partying_face:



Agree! I feel the same about this platform!